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Welcome to Mosquito's online shop - the place where fashionable frill dresses made in Poland await you. Our collection includes everything you need to give yourself a feminine and stylish look for any occasion. In the prepared assortment you will find, among others, one of the biggest hits of the last season - dresses with frills, which are the perfect choice for spring and autumn months.
Welcome to Mosquito's online shop - the place where fashionable frill dresses made...
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Dresses with airy decorative elements make styling light, charming and elegant, and a well-chosen model will emphasise all assets of your figure in a second. No wonder that fashionable dresses with frills by Mosquito are so popular not only among our customers, but also Polish celebrities - you can admire them in photos from events and private celebrity outings. Discover the collection for this season, where you will find stylish and comfortable dresses with frills at attractive prices!

What occasions should you wear frill dresses to?

Do dresses with frills suit every woman and are they appropriate for important occasions? Frill dresses are often girly and romantic, which is why they are sometimes avoided by mature women or those who feel more confident in less ornate models. However, not every dress with a ruffle will look inappropriate or overdressed. Our range includes many cuts that are minimalist and will successfully fit in with a wedding, date night or even be suitable for work. The dress with a frill at the bottom is a constantly appearing cut in our collections, which evens out the proportions of the figure, hides curves and gives the silhouette a light shape. So all that remains is to choose a dress in your favourite colour and pattern and not give up on this classic cut.

Romantic dress with frills ideal for a wedding

Dresses with frills are the perfect option for a wedding - not only do they look beautiful when dancing, but above all they are great for women with different body types. It all depends where the frill is placed - if it's on the neckline, it optically enlarges the bust, if it's around the waist, it emphasises the waistline, and if it's at the bottom of the skirt, it improves the proportion of the silhouette by drawing attention away from massive calves and hips.

In Mosquito you will find a huge selection of dresses with ruffles perfect for a wedding, including: fitted models with a wide, glamorous ruffle on the neckline, beautiful dresses with floral ruffles, envelope dresses finished with a delicate full-length ruffle, girly models with a flared skirt and detachable bow, and maxi dresses in the trendy boho style with open shoulders and a belt emphasising the waistline. The range includes products in a variety of colours and patterns - from elegant black and versatile navy blue to romantic pastels and floral and geometric patterns.

Fashionable dresses with frills sewn in Poland

At Mosquito, we put the quality of the products we offer first. We want the frilled dress you order to last you much longer than just one season. This is why we work with trusted sewing workshops in Poland and suppliers, from whom we receive carefully selected fabrics that wear perfectly. The fabrics used, which include Lycra, cotton and polyester, are durable, pleasant to the touch and gentle on the skin, and fit women's bodies perfectly. The attention to detail and the high quality of the available stylish dresses with frills is not everything - our styles are also unique. How is this possible? Behind each of the models you will find in the Mosquito range is our designer, Alicja Komar, who has dedicated herself professionally to our brand. This ensures that the frill dress you order is unique and in line with current trends.

Who suits elegant dresses with frills?

Wondering if our fashionable frill dresses are the perfect styling idea for your upcoming outing? It all depends on the model you choose and your figure type. Dresses where the flounce is just a subtle touch are the perfect choice for any woman - simply choose the right cut for a stylish, glamorous look. On the other hand, dresses with frills, in which they become the main protagonists of the style, should be chosen especially by ladies who are not afraid of a few extra centimetres. The flouncy accessories can optically widen the silhouette, so they are the perfect choice if you want to even out your proportions. Do you have a small bust, narrow shoulders or small buttocks? Then our dresses with ruffles will make the problem areas a little bigger and you can enjoy a sensual and sexy look.

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Rated 4.8/5 out of 2500+ reviews

Thousands of women like you buy our products.

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