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Nice to touch, warm and elegant, women's sweatshirts are the best clothing choice for colder days! At Mosquito, you'll find cuts and patterns that will convince you that this seemingly casual wardrobe item is actually a great option for women of all ages.
Nice to touch, warm and elegant, women's sweatshirts are the best...
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Our range includes fashionable women's sweatshirts in casual and more sophisticated styles. The multitude of designs means that women looking for a blouse for shopping, university, a date or for work will find something to suit them. The stylish Mosquito women's sweatshirt is the perfect combination of original design and high quality workmanship. All of our products are sewn from precisely selected fabrics with excellent parameters. As a result, we provide durable and comfortable clothing. Polish designers, led by the irreplaceable Alicja Komar, are responsible for its quality. Each Mosquito women's sweatshirt is signed with the brand founder's name.

Elegant cuts of excellent quality

Elegant Mosquito women's sweatshirts are a combination of a timeless pattern with a monochromatic design. The loose, comfortable cut and small round neckline go well with all types of trousers. Smooth, long women's sweatshirts in solid colour or with a small inscription are an everyday styling option for going to the shop, for a walk or to school. You can also incorporate it into a casual outfit for a date, a social gathering or even for work. Its simple cut will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The soft and pleasant-to-touch fabric is conducive to an active lifestyle, as it does not rub, no matter how dynamic the activity. A women's sweatshirt with lettering can additionally be your manifesto. By choosing the print that best expresses your thoughts, you express yourself and are confident that the styling is perfectly suited to your character or your current mood. On the other hand, plain blouses in neutral shades are an interesting addition to any outfit. They offer the opportunity to create original, more or less formal outfits. Some of them even go well with skirts.

Pattern and cut madness

In our shop you can also find Mosquito sweatshirts with original patterns and cuts. In addition to classic round necklines, there are also models with heart-shaped necklines. On a cold day, a women's sweatshirt in plush or fabric with a soft fluffy finish will work well. In addition to standard sweatshirts with or without a hood, we also offer women's sweatshirts with unusual decorative elements. Tulle inserts in the sleeves, patches and even rabbit ears on the hood are just some of our suggestions! A large part of our range is made up of women's sweatshirts with stunning designs. Colourful, floral patterns have been a hit in recent seasons! They pair perfectly with equally patterned sports trousers, but also go well with classic jeans or muted, straight trousers and skirts in neutral colours. Among the Mosquito sweatshirts you will also find trendy bomber jackets, i.e. loose, zipped jackets made of soft sweatshirt-like material.

Women's Mosquito sweatshirts - unique models designed by Alicja Komar

Autumn cold is the perfect time to stock up your wardrobe with stylish, comfortable and cool sweatshirts - a must-have for many casual outfits. In Mosquito online shop you will find many unique models designed by Alicja Komar - from warm hoodies with a convenient front pocket, through cotton models with a round neckline and funny slogans, to asymmetrical tunics, which can successfully replace a dress and look great with suede bowler boots. Loose-fitting velour women's hoodies in solid colours are an absolute hit this season. You will also find matching trousers to create a trendy, sporty look.

Polish high-quality materials

Women's sweatshirts from the Mosquito collection are top quality garments created for confident young women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Each of the presented models has been sewn from high-quality materials such as cotton, velour or jumper knit - appropriately selected fabrics fit perfectly to the silhouette, ensure unrestricted freedom of movement and maximum comfort during wear, and are extremely pleasant to the touch. See for yourself! Appearance is important for all of us. We know very well that the way we dress makes us feel, which is why we choose our outfits with care. Sometimes we need a styling idea, and at other times we have precise expectations, which makes it easier to shop.

Women's velour sweatshirt - a bestseller that has recently conquered Instagram

Many of the sweatshirts in our collection are stunning in cut, colour and comfort. We admit that we did not expect the furore that the cotton beige set continues to cause. A lot of customers fell in love with it, as did a lot of celebrities, including Julia Wieniawa, Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Joanna Jędrzejczyk and Klaudia El Dursi. From the autumn/winter collection, the velour sweatshirts - especially the beige and green sports-style sweatshirt - proved to be a hit. A recent trend that has swept social media such as Tik Tok and Instagram is sweatshirt styling with a not-too-long sweatshirt and fairly fitted trousers. Velour is a fabric that impresses with its elegance and subtlety, but we suggest it in a comfortable and sporty edition. The women's velour hoodie will give lightness and chicness, especially due to the thoughtful shades: bottle green, navy blue, juicy plum and the beige and warm chocolate brown you love. We are very pleased that our sweatshirts are so well received and accompany many of our customers on a daily basis: during walks, shopping, social gatherings, at school and at work. We strive to create meticulous cuts that adapt wonderfully to any silhouette and emphasise a woman's assets. In our opinion, the tracksuit cannot only be associated with a very loose, not necessarily chic style and it is worth betting on the comfort of this sporty look in a softer and fashionable edition.

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