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Are you looking for the perfect outfit for a garden party? Or perhaps you have an important family celebration coming up, where you would like to look feminine and elegant? Our fashionable cocktail dresses fit in perfectly with the style and trends in force, and at the same time are proposals you won't find anywhere else!
Are you looking for the perfect outfit for a garden party? Or perhaps you have an...
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Unique designs perfectly accentuate a woman's figure and her beauty - after all, it is the right styling that can accentuate all assets in a second. The available range includes stylish and elegant cocktail dresses, which are sure to appeal to ladies who love uniqueness and high quality. We invite you to take a look at the details of our offer and wish you successful shopping!

Cocktail dresses for special occasions

Cocktail dresses are a term of versatility, suitable for various occasions. They have an elegant style, but at the same time are not overly chic. The typical cocktail dress is only too modest for a high-profile gala or ball, but the best for smaller, but also special occasions. Our range is constantly dominated by models that fall into this category. The fashionable and elegant cocktail dresses you will find with us have been designed specifically for semi-formal early evening meetings, going out to restaurants and the theatre, as well as for a romantic date. They owe their designation precisely to the fact that their style is best suited to garden parties, social gatherings over a drink, outdoor events and family receptions in an elegant restaurant. All of these events do not have the atmosphere of a gala, which is why a cocktail dress is a much lighter form than an evening gown. Evening dresses, although made with the glamorous glitter of satin, velvet or shiny stones and jacquard, are styles for exceptionally grand outings, especially those taking place in the colder seasons.

Cocktail dresses straight from the domestic manufacturer

Our shop's collections include only Polish cocktail dresses - no product from our shop is sewn outside the country. Thanks to local production, we have full insight into the quality and safety of the fabrics, as well as the conditions of employment. By choosing our designs, you are supporting a 100 per cent Polish brand. Each cocktail dress combines a unique design, as well as the careful execution of the cut. We make sure that it is easy for you to choose each model in terms of size, so that the cut maintains the right structure and comfortably fits your figure. We offer unique cocktail dresses that you won't find anywhere else - materials in this design and colours are hard to find in other brands. The creator of each model, Alicja Komar focuses on the originality of the cuts, adding unique forms of embellishment, while taking into account current trends. In our shop you will find not only finely and richly decorated, but also very versatile, relatively simple cocktail dresses for many occasions, the style of which does not pass from the canon at the turn of the ever-changing seasons.

Elegant cocktail dresses in a variety of cuts

Exclusive cocktail dresses owe their lightweight and versatile style to their often shorter length, simple cuts devoid of shiny embellishments, zircons or sequins. These models are made of smooth, non-glittering fabrics and can be matched with many accessories, not just shiny, expensive jewellery. A cocktail dress can be decorated with very delicate elements: openwork, lace, embroidery or a colourful pattern. In our range, many cocktail dresses feature ethereal ruffles that will give any woman a youthful and fresh look. Loose and flared cocktail dresses in an airy boho style, made of thin cotton or romantic designs in translucent chiffon, are hugely popular. Both types work well in summer, as this is particularly the season for many parties.

Fashionable cocktail dresses for weddings

Of the many different events and parties, cocktail dresses for weddings are the right choice. This is especially true if the celebration takes place in the warm spring or summer. This is because most relatively simple models can be transformed into spectacular creations with just the right accessories, footwear and jewellery. It is a good idea to match the choice of creation to the climate of the party. If the party is particularly glamorous, go wild and choose a maxi dress. Down-to-earth styles usually make the most stunning impression. For a traditional event, however, it would be a good idea to stay with a classic cut. Midi cocktail dresses are a great wedding style for women of all ages who want to maintain a dignified look. We offer both loose-fitting models and more fitted cocktail dresses so you can accentuate your figure's assets at the same time. Mini length cocktail dresses for weddings are also very popular, even growing. No longer an inappropriate creation, many women are opting for them for this special occasion. In our shop, you will find many long-sleeved mini cuts that will highlight your legs while still maintaining an elegant, wedding party-appropriate style. If you're looking for a dress for a wedding to be held in the middle of a hot summer, look out for our open-shoulder, sleeveless or thin-strapped models. Such creations are the perfect choice for hot days or a party where you intend to dance a lot.

Elegant midi cocktail dresses

How you look in the dress you choose depends primarily on the cut of the dress. It's obvious that the first thing we look at when browsing the range is the overall look of the dress - its pattern, colour and style of embellishments. But the final result will depend primarily on its fit to our body type. A well-chosen cocktail dress for a wedding or other occasion may generate considerable interest in you, but it certainly won't cause controversy. Midi or mid-calf cocktail dresses add a bit of gravitas and are therefore suitable for ladies of all ages, especially mature and older ladies. They can sometimes visually shorten the legs, so it's important to match the cut to your proportions and accessories. If the midi cocktail dress that caught your eye turned out to be too overwhelming, this impression can always be offset by high-heeled shoes, for example. In our online shop you will find loose and flared midi cocktail dresses in which generally every figure type looks good. A cocktail dress with a flared bottom covers up wide hips, while adding more feminine proportions to ladies with a slim build. Such a model should therefore not be feared by any woman.

Cocktail dresses that will make you look your best

The founder of the brand, Alicja Komar, is the author of all the designs. Her ideas always have a common denominator: the dress is first and foremost supposed to adorn the woman and her assets. In her designs, she focuses on the most favourable cuts for different body types. An overwhelming number of models emphasise the waist. You will find elegant, fitted cocktail dresses, with elastic or binding. The most versatile and good-looking necklines, on the other hand, are the envelope or heart neckline. These characterise many of our dresses. At Mosquito, new cuts and cuts are appearing every now and then, and each is named in a certain way for distinction.

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