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Many of our designs will play perfectly as christening dresses. Amaze your circle of family and friends with elegance and sophisticated style by celebrating this important event in a unique creation. You will find christening dresses for the mother, godmother as well as the guest.
Many of our designs will play perfectly as christening dresses. Amaze your circle...
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A special category of dresses, are dresses for christenings. The christening of a child is a special occasion and a special celebration for the parents. Christening gowns are stylistically quite close to wedding gowns, but with caution and rather without distinctive colours. After all, the celebrations take place partly in the church, so flamboyant and partially exposed dresses are not the best idea. Whether you want a dress for the godmother or are going to the christening party as an accompanying person, it is important to remember that the dress for the christening party should be elegant.

What colour dresses for christenings?

Cocktail dresses in light, pastel colours with simple patterns predominate. Peach, lemon, powder and dirty pink dresses will look good. For the mother or grandmother, light brown, ecri or muted green or blue colours are suitable. Bright colours such as red or orange are not advisable. A great idea for christening dresses are the constantly fashionable floral patterns, especially if the christening takes place in the spring and summer months. Pink coloured dresses are a good idea, as well as plain white dresses. The mother of the child should have no objections to wearing a dress for her child's christening, just in white. White or pink dresses with a slight frill are some of the most popular christening dress designs. The delicate pastel colour of a christening dress may not focus the attention of others as much as dresses in strong colours, but this is a celebration of the child and his or her parents and it is they who should focus the attention of the guests.

Dress length for christenings

Christenings are a family and often intimate celebration, preceded by a ceremony in church. When choosing a dress for a christening, it is important to keep in mind the solemnity of the ceremony, hence the dress should not be too short and should certainly not have too deep a neckline. The issue of exposed shoulders cannot be overlooked either. Some dresses will not be suitable for this reason or will make a jacket or elegant blazer necessary in church. There is no shortage of occasions for more daring creations, but a child's christening is not one of them. A suitable length for christening dresses, will be basically any longer than a mini. A mid-length or long dress is a great choice for christenings. Christenings are one of those celebrations where long dresses in particular are the most popular choice. An elegant long dress for a child's christening, emphasises the role of the person wearing it. A long dress is also a beautiful accentuation of a meeting of typical family importance. The long option is therefore worth considering, especially for women of established social status. To sum up, therefore, the question of the colour of dresses for christenings, the best will be those slightly muted being shades of light colours. From pink, yellow, brown, khaki, cream, indigo to classic white.

For christenings and beyond

Analysing the topic of buying a christening dress, one sooner or later comes to a few determinants of such a creation. The most important of these are elegance, simplicity and chic. Such chic dresses with simple designs, however, are not only suitable for a child's christening. You can wear them to the office, dress them up when going to a business or family meeting, or you can successfully wear such a dress to any occasion requiring more serious etiquette.

A beautiful dress and accessories to go with it

Once you have successfully found the right dress for a christening party, it remains to focus on the accessories to go with it. Heeled shoes that correspond stylistically to the cut of the dress chosen for the christening is essential. Another accessory is the jewellery, which should not be overdone. Here, however, you can afford to be more extravagant if the woman is acting as a senior. And don't forget the handbag, preferably an elegant clutch bag to complete the look. The final accessory for a christening dress is an elegant jacket or a tasteful blazer. If, of course, this is necessary because, for example, the season demands it or the dress has exposed shoulders. This is basically all that a beautiful dress for a christening ceremony needs to accompany it.

Simple, elegant and very appropriate - that's what christening dresses should be. The choice is large, adapted to both the age and the role of the woman who intends to choose her christening outfit. The most important role at a christening, however, is played by the child and its parents. When it comes to the dress for the occasion, it is all about moderation and classic tactful beauty, chosen to suit the figure. In addition to aesthetic qualities and tactfulness, comfort is above all important. Even in the most beautiful and chic christening dress, you can feel awkward and insecure if it is not comfortable.

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