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Our collection of spanga dresses includes stylish and on-trend models that are not only ideal for spring and summer evenings - airy spanga dresses with open shoulders are also perfect for important outings in autumn and even winter.Just match them with accessories and a warm jacket or jacket to create an original and extremely feminine styling for a wedding, New Year's Eve or a party at friends' house.The dresses will delight you with their airy material, romantic charm and beautiful look, thanks to which you will emphasise not only your figure, but also your beauty.
Our collection of spanga dresses includes stylish and on-trend models that are not...
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This season's hottest trend? Fashionable spangled dresses, of course, which you can now order in the Mosquito online shop at an affordable price! Check which models you will find in the Mosquito collection!

Elegant Off shoulder dress - fashionable creation with open shoulders

Popularity of Off shoulder dresses is not accidental - fashionable Mosquito models with open shoulders and carmen neckline have won the hearts of thousands of women all over the world, including Polish stars. The styles can be sensuously close to the body or airy and casual, which are sure to be the perfect choice for everyday outings. The open-back spangled dresses are a great choice not only for casual outfits, but also for special occasions such as weddings, parties or dates with your loved one. In order to ensure maximum comfort and pleasure of wearing, only the best and excellent quality fabrics are used for the creations offered in our online shop. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or ruining an off shoulder dress during washing. All available models are sewn in Poland and designed by the irreplaceable Alicja Komar, who knows exactly what's going on in the world of fashion.

Who can wear the off shoulder dresses available at Mosquito?

Is a fashionable off shoulder dress for every woman? As it turns out - models with open shoulders and airy decorative elements at the neckline should be chosen mainly by ladies with small or medium bust and narrow shoulders. Stylish Spanish dresses are ideal for women with slender silhouettes, emphasising their slimness and at the same time accentuating feminine curves. Voluptuous open shoulders additionally help to draw attention away from any body flaws. So if you have a tummy rump, wider hips or a lack of a waistline, one of our trendy Spanish dresses should hang in your wardrobe. Models available at Mosquito are also recommended for women who would like to optically lengthen their necks.

Tempting floral off shoulder dress

Do you like to shine and catch the eye wherever you go? If you're not afraid to focus the attention of those around you, then be sure to check out our latest offering. The spangled dress is one of the hottest trends of the last few years, and you can't miss it in your wardrobe. The perfect choice for fun-loving women, it's a cut that evokes sun, fiesta and joy, especially if you opt for models in vivid colours or decorated with floral patterns.

The open shoulder, the main feature of the off shoulder dress, is loved by celebrities the world over, and with them thousands of women. The flamenco-inspired creation can take on many guises. Among the Spanish dresses, you will find both plain dresses, as well as those decorated with dozens of ruffles picturesquely waving with your every move. The main uniting feature of this type of dress is the uncovered shoulders, so if you are particularly happy with them, feel free to expose them by wearing this seductive dress.

Who is the boho style off shoulder dress for?

In the Mosquito shop collection you will find many exceptional dresses designed especially for us by Alicja Komar, a designer working exclusively for us. All creations coming out of her hands are characterised by original style fitting perfectly into the prevailing trends in the world of fashion. The boho style off shoulder dress from Mosquito will allow you to create light spring-summer outfits which will make you feel extremely feminine.

The cut looks best on women with small bust and slim shoulders and slender silhouette. Especially if it's a off shoulder dress with ruffles or a boho style ruffle. This gives the silhouette the right proportions and makes the bust appear optically larger. If you have a really small bust, choose a Spanish dress with an elastic band - it will stay in place even if you move a lot.

Styling with an off shoulder dress

A off shoulder dress can also be a red, long, close-fitting creation with several rows of ruffles. However, if this type of piece seems too extravagant for you, opt for another model available at Mosquito. We have a really wide range of unique proposals suitable for various occasions. Take a look at our designs and you will see that the Spanish dress is also suitable for bigger outings.

Examples made of shiny satin are perfect as an outfit for larger events such as a carnival ball or a wedding. Dresses of this type are so opulent that you are free to dispense with the need for jewellery, just a thin chain. If you want to wear additional earrings, choose long, but not too ornate ones. It is worth remembering the right hairstyle. The main advantage of the off shoulder dress is the bare shoulders, which cannot be covered by loose hair. A sleek chignon inspired by the hairstyles of flamenco dancers is ideal.

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Rated 4.8/5 out of 2500+ reviews

Thousands of women like you buy our products.

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