Everyday dresses

The dress is the most feminine type of garment. It can be worn for different occasions regardless of the season. Dresses are a real wealth of cuts, materials, patterns and colours. Individual models are characterised by different cuts and styles. A particularly large group of creations of this type are everyday dresses, under which there are hidden styles suitable for work, university, school, meeting friends, shopping or a simple walk.
The dress is the most feminine type of garment. It can be worn for different...
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Everyday dresses - why should you have one in your wardrobe?

A woman wearing a dress is generally perceived as more attractive. This is because the characteristic feature of this type of clothing is that it emphasises the many assets of a woman's figure in a very effective way. A short everyday dress emphasises slender legs, while the ankle-length version optically elongates the entire figure. If you opt for the cut above the waist, you can very effectively mask excess weight in the abdominal or hip area. On the other hand, the waistline is emphasised by the waist cut. This is the easiest way to look your best every day. In addition, casual dresses are easy to move in, making them extremely comfortable to wear and allowing you complete freedom of movement.

Casual dresses versus formal dresses - what's the difference?

There is no shortage of dresses suitable for different types of occasion. We offer both chic and formal creations, as well as more modest ones. For everyday wear, it is much better to go for the latter, characterised by the right length, the use of materials that are comfortable to wear or more muted colours. For work, opt for midi or knee-length models. Avoid deep necklines or bold slits. Fabrics, such as knitwear or cotton, which are soft, flexible and durable, are also typical for everyday dresses. After all, we wear and wash everyday dresses far more often than elaborate prom or wedding dresses.

Winter dress for everyday wear

The colder seasons do not have to force us to give up such feminine garments as skirts and dresses. All we need to do is match them to the conditions outside and combine them with thicker, warmer tights. A winter dress for everyday wear should have long sleeves for the right warmth. However, it doesn't have to be particularly long - as it will look great teamed with high boots. Styles for winter are usually made from pleasant-to-touch knitwear. As a result, they are comfortable, warm and can withstand frequent washing.

Summer dresses for everyday wear

In the summer, everyday dresses are the most popular choice. This has to do with their airy cut, which guarantees comfort even in the hottest weather. In our assortment you will find an exceptionally varied selection of summer outfits made from excellent quality fabrics. For hot days, we offer especially airy creations in floral or multicoloured patterns, ideal for the beach, for a walk or for a date. The maxi lengths are particularly popular. Their long skirt flows very pleasantly around the body and, contrary to appearances, cools it down wonderfully. As far as everyday summer dresses for work are concerned, we mainly offer airy, mid-length viscose models in solid colours. Adding charm and grace, such as bows, frills and buffed sleeves, make them the perfect compromise between a modest and elegant look.

Everyday dresses - top quality guaranteed by Mosquito

If you want to enjoy your dress for many seasons, you need to be guided not only by cut, colour or design when shopping. The most important thing will be the durability of the creation and the care taken in making it. Our everyday dresses are designed and sewn in Poland from the best quality materials. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the ordered garment will not meet your expectations. We are a Polish brand that meets the highest standards.

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Thousands of women like you buy our products.

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