Mosquito's women's dresses for 2024 are unique creations that perfectly highlight women's charms and silhouettes. Mosquito is known for its feminine style, rich in floral patterns. You can wear our fashionable and elegant women's dresses for special occasions or wear them every day. Each Mosquito dress is designed and sewn in Poland in local sewing factories.
Mosquito's women's dresses for 2024 are unique creations that perfectly highlight...
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Fashionable women's dresses from a Polish manufacturer

At Mosquito, the dresses available are always in line with current trends. Many of them have a timeless style that will never seem passe. These include floral dresses with traditional cuts - flared, straight models, decorated with delicate frills. The canon also includes airy autumn dresses in dark colours - made of very light, airy materials, especially cotton, chiffon or satin. You will find them all in the new collection! As every year, claret, mustard and warm shades of caramel brown return, in addition to brand new and unique colours. We are also keeping in mind the special occasions that many of you want to prepare for. These include dresses suitable for autumn and winter, elegant dresses for weddings, as well as typical celebrations and events taking place at this time of year: holidays, New Year's Eve, proms and carnivals. Our Polish midi and mini length dresses are also sensational as everyday, elegant outfits for work, school or afternoon meetings. These are not only floral dresses, but also plain colours. If you are looking for an unconventional style, check out our elegant mottled dresses. Following the current trends, you will also discover dresses in imitation suede - in our range you will find them in very classic beige and brown colours, perfectly suited for the cold season. These are mini cuts. Surely you don't have such a unique creation in your wardrobe yet!

Polish autumn and winter dresses

Our brand has been famous for many years for its beautiful and, above all, unique designs. We sew all our products in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. So you are choosing Polish dresses, carefully sewn in a domestic factory. Follow our announcements on Instagram and you won't miss any new releases. In the current autumn-winter season, the most popular dresses are long-sleeved, casual-style dresses that can be worn every day with boots and boots. As usual, women's favourite midi models cannot be missing from our range for this season. These are floral dresses, but more subdued and in keeping with the colours of the autumn landscape. Wear fashionable animal prints at this time. Autumn and winter are not only the season for bundling up at home with a warm blanket and a mug of cocoa - for many women, it is also the time for weddings and important anniversaries, and above all for parties with friends and formal balls, for which they are looking for a refined outfit. If you are one of these women and you have an important celebration coming up this year, rest assured that you will find unique and spectacular styles at Mosquito. Elegant dresses of any length to suit different body types are the speciality of designer Alicja Komar, who is the originator of every model in our offer.

Elegant dresses in high-quality fabrics

If you would like to see what beautiful women's evening dresses our shop offers, be sure to use the search filters and you will easily find the more elegant models. These are creations for proms, New Year's Eve or formal galas, which every woman has the opportunity to attend at least once in her life. How do you choose a dress for a particularly important occasion? We always emphasise in our advice to pay attention first of all to the cut and length, which will serve our type of figure. Envelope dresses, i.e. dresses with overlapping necklines and/or bottoms, are a very versatile cut that show off your assets and give you hourglass proportions. Our beautiful women's dresses often have just this incredibly feminine cut. However, we focus on utility, which is why our evening dresses have interesting floral, leaf, boho or peacock feather patterns - they will also work for many other occasions, and you will not make a one-time outfit expenditure with the benefit of your wallet. An interesting pattern does not have to be inferior in elegance to subdued, solid-coloured dresses. Simply choose fabrics with a slight sheen or strong colour saturation. Our suggestions therefore include dresses in satin, chiffon or with elements of refined lace and guipure.

What material should high-quality dresses be made of?

Of course, when choosing the right creation, it is very important what material it is made of. After all, it has to be pleasant to the touch, fit properly, but also of a quality that will make the dress look great even after several seasons. This is especially important for ladies who want their dress to last for a long time. The material, however, depends on the type of dress, and its purpose. In the case of typically sporty dresses, mainly those that are intended for everyday wear, it is certainly worth paying attention to ensure that the dresses made are made of pure cotton, which is very pleasant to the touch, soft and does not peel even in the wash. Women's dresses for larger outings, especially elegant ones, should certainly be made from more refined materials and those that flow well. These include, for example, viscose, linen or silk. Cheap dresses will not always be made of good materials. All of Mosquito's clothes are sewn from carefully selected materials so that they are not only visually stunning, but also pleasant to wear, as this is very important in any situation.

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Thousands of women like you buy our products.

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