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Every one of us wears T-shirts both every day and on festive occasions. They are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. They work well as a styling base or as a neutral piece of clothing, for example as an accessory under a jacket. Our Mosquito women's shirts will fit your needs perfectly! The variety of designs and colours allows you to find models for women of all ages.
Every one of us wears T-shirts both every day and on festive occasions. They are...
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Mosquito T-shirts - designed and sewn in Poland

What makes Mosquito t-shirts so special? First and foremost, they stand out because the production process from start to finish is carried out in Poland. The designs come out in the author's atelier of Alicja Komar, who knows how to combine modern design with the minimalist beauty of the clothes. The short-sleeved shirts are ideal for sports and casual styling. This is all thanks to a great sense of style and the choice of appropriate materials. At Mosquito, we focus on the practical aspect of fashion. We keep a close eye on the world's catwalks and top designers. We do not copy other people's ideas, we sometimes go against the tide, sometimes even ahead of the trends. We know our customers' expectations and it is for them that we create inspiring collections. T-shirts with the MSQ logo look as if they have come out of the ateliers of European and American top designers. However, from A to Z they are manufactured in Poland! We are happy when female customers appreciate our efforts, original ideas and sense of style. If someone has bought and worn Mosquito t-shirts once, they will want to order more styles and designs. By designing and sewing clothes in Poland, we take care of several important things. We support the local economy and create valuable jobs. We pay our employees decent wages. We act in accordance with the principle of fair trade, we also respect the environment, because we love our country. We do not accept child labour, as is the case with corporations that sew in poorer countries. When you buy women's t-shirts from our collection, you can be sure that these are clothes created with passion, love, with attention to every detail. We love fashion, so let yourself be drawn into the world of Polish clothes from the MSQ label!

Among the many options, we offer casual t-shirts with original designs and simple, yet stylish women's shirts perfect for more serious occasions. At Mosquito, we offer garments made by native creators. All products are signed by the brand's founder, Alicja Komar, who watches over the production process from start to finish. Both the women's T-shirts and the other proposals in our range are sewn from the best quality fabrics. This guarantees their exceptional durability and contributes to their above-average comfort.

Mosquito T-shirts for every woman

The Mosquito range includes women's T-shirts with a classic t-shirt cut and more avant-garde tops. A longer and slightly flared hem or an exposed shoulder are just some of the suggestions. Despite the predominance of plain-coloured shirts or shirts with small accents, we also offer versions with distinctive designs. You can choose from shirts with different neckline shapes and sizes to suit your body type. Shirt lengths and cuts also vary. In our collections, you will find women's shirts with small and large necklines, round and heart necklines. There are loose-fitting, oversized tops as well as perfectly fitted tops that emphasise the silhouette. Our women's T-shirts can be combined with any item of clothing. They go well with jeans. They also work well with skirts.

T-shirts with messages - express yourself!

Our women's T-shirts with messages are a special group of products. They let you express exactly how you feel on any given day. Many models will emphasise what is important to you and allow you to accentuate your views. This also makes women's t-shirts with inscriptions a great gift idea. Some of them have a clearly humorous message, but some texts can make you think. In the extensive range you will find texts mainly in Polish and English. The charm of the T-shirts with inscriptions lies in their simple cut and subdued colours. Most models are women's T-shirts in white or black. The neutral colours provide the best background for the lettering. The uncomplicated cut makes them a good match with an open shirt, loose jacket or casual blazer, from under which the inscription in the centre of the shirt is fully visible.

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