Dress for an eighteenth birthday

An 18th birthday is the first major party of an already properly grown-up woman. Whether you're spending your 18th birthday at home, at a family dinner or at a crazy party with friends - you need to look great. The dress for 18 should be the one you've always dreamed of wearing. Pink, patterned, frilled, mini, maxi, midi - it's your choice because it's your day.
An 18th birthday is the first major party of an already properly grown-up woman....
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Dress for an eighteenth birthday - what length to choose?

An 18th birthday is a very important celebration and so it's important to know what length dress to choose to look phenomenal. There are many models to choose from. Mid-thigh, knee-length or ankle-length dresses. Which is the right choice? Certainly the dress must be tailored to the type of event. For a family party, it is advisable to choose a knee-length cut that emphasises the shapely silhouette. For a club or nightclub, a short, slightly flared dress that swirls with the body is the right choice. Girls who want to feel like princesses on this evening should definitely wear a dress that goes all the way down to the ground to emphasise the character of the party.

How do I choose the perfect dress for me?

In order to get the dress right, you should consider two aspects - your figure type and your height. If you like feminine dresses and have a delicate beauty, you can actually always go for dresses with a waistline. If you are tall, a dress for 18 can reach your ankles. It will make you look dignified and elegant. If you choose to wear it with bare shoulders or a slightly cut-out back, it will give you the perfect party look in a minimalist form. Shorter dresses a few inches below the knee are perfect for slightly shorter girls. This will allow you to emphasise your legs, drawing attention away from your small height. If, on the other hand, short girls want a dress that is long, opt for an asymmetrical dress length for 18. It will be short at the front. On the other hand, it will have a kind of train at the back - a 2-in-1 solution, meaning comfort and efficiency at the same time.

How do you choose the pattern or colour of the dress?

There is no dress code for the 18th birthday party. It's also worth remembering that anything that's styled and paired with accessories is currently in fashion. Both aesthetically pleasing, solid-coloured dresses in classic colours such as red, black or navy blue, as well as less standard, more striking patterns will be good choices. Patterns such as leopard prints, floral prints, sweetheart prints, shoulder pads - find out what you feel good in and what visual effect you like most. This will ensure that the dress of your dreams for your eighteenth birthday showcases your beauty while concealing any minor flaws.

If you decide on a bold pattern in an intense colour, make sure not to overdo it with accessories. One strong accent is enough. For the rest of the look, opt for a more neutral, classic look in beige or black. Remember that the outfit is the whole package - match it with jewellery, hair and make-up, and your guests will appreciate the consistency and flawlessness of your outfit.

Looser or more fitted?

The cut of the dress is of paramount importance, both from a comfort point of view and for visual reasons. Fitted dresses for an 18th birthday are an obvious choice. However, you don't have to lock yourself into this framework. If, for various reasons, you feel more comfortable in a loose, trapezoidal cut dress, then wear it with your favourite jacket, stilettos to optically lengthen your legs and enjoy this beautiful day with your family, friends or loved ones. The hit of all parties are dresses that have a cut-out on the back. It is not pushy or vulgar and when combined with the minimalist form of the dress for 18, it can look really effective.

What type of dress to choose for different types of event?

Dresses for 18th birthdays should be chosen with the type of event in mind. If it is a family dinner, it is advisable to choose something more modest, with a more cocktail-like feel. You can also look very effective in these types of dresses while still having an outfit, tailored to the event. On the other hand, if you are going to dinner with your parents or friends, it is also worth opting for a slightly more modest style than for parties. Eighteenth-century parties, on the other hand, give us the most freedom. For them we can wear any cut of dress and we will still look great. If you want your dress for 18 to stand out in style, class and be effective, then go for what you feel good in and look great in. This will make you feel much more confident, which your guests will notice straight away, as it will give you plenty of smiles and energy for the glamorous day.

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