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They delight with their lightness, airiness and sense of freedom - we are of course talking about stylish boho dresses, which you will find in the Mosquito collection. Unique designs that are made entirely in Poland await you in our online shop.
They delight with their lightness, airiness and sense of freedom - we are of...
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All the dresses in our range are the fruit of the labour of our locally employed staff. The native production of the dresses takes place exclusively in Poland, in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. As a result, the author of all designs, Alicja Komar, has an insight into the quality of the realisation of her ideas, and you receive a beautiful creation that will stay in your wardrobe for a long time. What makes us different? Not only do we not rely on cheap labour from the far corners of the world, but we guarantee the high quality of the creations we offer. We sew our dresses from safety-tested materials. Our brand continues to grow rapidly as a result of our efforts - we want our dresses to be not only fashionable, but also unique.

Carefully selected patterns, fabrics, perfect stitching and a perfect fit to the figure are just a few of the many advantages of boho dresses, for which our customers have come to love them. Among them are also Polish celebrities who like to pose on the fashion pages in creations signed with the Mosquito logo. Discover our collection and order a trendy boho dress at an attractive price!

What kind of boho dresses?

Wondering what are the main characteristics of fashionable boho dresses which you can order in our online shop? There's a reason why boho is one of the biggest favourites of trendsetters - under the mysterious name it stands for plenty of florals, airiness and freedom, which is perfect for sunny summer days. Boho is a fashion trend that is constantly referenced, in almost every spring/summer season. It is timeless, practical and very sensual. So it's no surprise that you'll always find plenty on offer.

A boho dress is one that impresses with its lightweight, sometimes thin material. The more it floats in the wind, the more it refers to this style. Summer boho dresses usually have no patterns, although it is common and very good to combine their airiness with a colourful pattern in an ethno or gypsy style. The boho vibe is to be natural above all, which is why flowers, leaves, decorative embroideries alluding to folk or tribal art are common patterns. You will most often see it at festivals, accompanied by boots, garlands and loose cardigans, as well as at holiday summer resorts. However, it is equally at home in everyday urban fashion styles. Our boho dresses are recommended for any outing - be it a party, a date or even casual shopping and work. Find out more about boho dresses on our blog.

Boho style dress cuts - find the variant for you!

Boho style dresses come in a variety of styles, but they always have one thing in common - a cut that doesn't hug the body and allows for complete freedom of movement. This doesn't mean you can't find a mini boho dress that will accentuate your feminine curves. It will, however, be a beautiful and extremely girly creation cut off at the waist, with a subtle neckline or in a fleeting floral print to offset its sex appeal. What cuts dominate the boho style dresses? When it comes to the top of the creation, it will definitely be the neckline that reveals the sensual shoulder line. A boho Spanish dress is ideal for a summer wedding. A white boho dress, on the other hand, will certainly look better on the beach or at an intimate reception, where it will not steal the attention intended for the bride. Another characteristic cut for boho style dresses is the loose, buffeting sleeves, which add a note of romance to the creation. A boho maxi dress with wide sleeves and a striking slit will keep you comfortable even in the middle of a hot summer. A loose top, buffet sleeves and a feminine V-shaped neckline can also be found in midi boho dresses, which are best suited to tall women and those who are not afraid of high heels. If you are looking for a boho style dress suitable for work, opt for an ethnic patterned shirt model. For the morning, you can afford to expose your shoulders, so choose a mini, midi or maxi one-shoulder dress, tied at the neck or with straps.

Boho summer dresses - experiment with patterns and accessories

Who said boho summer dresses have to be simple and minimalist? You will be positively surprised by the intense colours and unusual patterns in our range. An airy boho summer dress will present you phenomenally, provided you choose it in a cut that suits your figure. To ensure that every woman can enjoy the model that catches her eye, many of our designs come in a versatile, flared or loose cut with a slimming envelope neckline. These solutions ensure that even boho maxi dresses do not overwhelm the filgran figure or optically widen it. The holiday style of these dresses can be enhanced with the right accessories. Almost every boho summer dress looks great with ethno accessories - jewellery with geometric patterns, made of colourful stones, shells and strings. You can soften the outrageous style of the boho dress with a straw hat, woven basket and timeless sandals or espadrilles. You can wear this outfit on a romantic walk on the beach or during a visit to a sunny resort. Elegant stilettos and metallic gold or silver jewellery, as well as a polished hairstyle, will give any boho dress a festive touch.

Fashionable Polish boho dresses available in the current offer

In our shop's offer you will find stylish Polish boho dresses, which will certainly appeal to fans of loose, casual cuts. In most of the models you can tell fullness, not just a note of femininity. Alicja Komar loves to dress women in invigorating, colourful creations, thanks to which they can emphasise the assets of their silhouettes and attract lots of glances. The designer brilliantly composes boho dresses with ruffles, boat necklines and boho-style Spanish dresses. Pleats, flowers, ruffles... There's plenty to choose from! The boho dress category is currently dominated by very colourful models - full of picturesque patterns, floral designs and animal motifs. The unique designs are mainly abstract compositions reminiscent of minerals, gemstones or Turkish paisley patterns. In the collection you will also find white boho dresses for winter - models with long sleeves, for example in checkered patterns, will be suitable for this cold season. We follow global trends and are not afraid to take advantage of them - corduroy is back in favour, which is why we offer it in many dresses for autumn and winter styling. The selected corduroy models are strongly reminiscent of boho dresses - the cuts are flared, full of stitching and decorated with frills.

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