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Each new season in women's fashion brings new ideas and unusual solutions. Creators are increasingly focusing on comfort and individual style expression. This is one of the main reasons why women's tracksuits are becoming less and less associated with training in the gym, on the pitch or running. Nowadays, they are increasingly being used to design both casual, street wear and more formal outfits that you can wear to a party or a night out with friends. Striped tracksuits are a contemporary indicator of style sense and knowledge of women's fashion trends. How can you use them to impress everyone with your original look?

Which tracksuits for the party and which ones for the gym?

Tracksuits used to be associated only with a simple, loose cut, characteristic of any kind of physical activity. These are usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric (colloquially known as 'rustles'). However, the urban style dimension is more than simplicity and comfort. It is, above all, uniqueness and a large dose of fantasy. The most popular type of sweatpants, which are often worn by lovers of casual clothing, are those made of velour. This unusual material has a very distinctive texture that is pleasant to the touch. In addition, it reacts remarkably to contact with the sun's rays, giving the wearer a unique, eye-catching look.

Another popular item that is a definite must-have in your wardrobe are tracksuits with piping. It may seem like just a simple strip of fabric sewn to the side of the leg. However, it can elongate your body in a very effective way, making you look slimmer and your legs look extremely feminine. In addition, by using contrast (leopards used to be used with the most elegant outfits), you are able to bring out your character traits such as confidence or courage.

What to wear with women's striped tracksuit bottoms?

This unique type of tracksuit also gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to matching the rest of your outfit. It is perfect for a top and bottom set, where the sweatshirt will match the trousers in colour and design. Wearing a sweatshirt with stripes on the sides, and adding piping on the trousers, will give you a very cohesive and aesthetically pleasing effect that will optically slim and lengthen your silhouette. This will make you appear taller. Combined with the unique character of the tracksuit bottoms, indicative of a strong disposition, this will create an explosive mix capable of impressing even the fussiest of fashion critics.

Another option are sweatshirts of various types, decorated with rich and imaginative patterns. Women's tracksuits, in fact, are very subdued and neutral. They thus create an opportunity to draw attention to your creation with an amazing looking sweatshirt. For example, the design of the Candy sweatshirt, based on simple geometric shapes, combined with the stripes will create an original and captivating effect, exposing the most important features of your character, without you even having to say a word.

One extremely important point remains - that is, the shoes you can wear to complete your outfit. The most versatile and chic option would be white sports-type shoes. However, if you're looking for something less obvious, try a slightly different approach and wear stiletto heels with your tracksuit bottoms. The combination of these and leopard print tracksuit bottoms will enhance your legs and make you look very attractive. You'll show off your confidence and boldness, demonstrating that you're not afraid to experiment with your outfit. And you can be sure that the outfit is 100 per cent appropriate for the occasion. Whether you're wearing it on a date or to work, it's also perfect for a Friday night out with friends.

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