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Are you looking for a feminine outfit that will perfectly emphasise the curves of your figure? In Mosquito online shop we have something especially for you - fashionable pencil dresses, thanks to which you will feel attractive, gain self-confidence and ensure yourself numerous compliments during a meeting with friends or your beloved one. Carefully crafted models of dresses, which are popular among Polish celebrities, are a combination of our original style and current trends.
Are you looking for a feminine outfit that will perfectly emphasise the curves of...
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Originality, femininity and high quality make them impossible to pass by indifferently! Haven't got a Mosquito pencil dress hanging in your wardrobe yet? It is high time to change! Discover the prepared collection and order a creation in which you will feel feminine.

Accentuate your curves with Mosquito pencil dresses.

Stylish pencil dresses are very popular among customers of our online shop. With good reason - they are extremely sexy, yet full of elegance and class. Their unquestionable advantage is also their versatility, thanks to which they can be successfully used as the main protagonist of styling for any occasion - casual, wedding, office or party. We want the pencil dress you order to provide you not only with a fashionable look, but also with comfort. That is why we make sure that the available creations are made with attention to every detail, even the smallest ones, from carefully selected materials. Their softness and airiness are a guarantee of comfort even during weekend madness on the dance floor. What is more, the designs bearing the logo of our brand come from the hand of Alicja Komar, who is professionally linked exclusively with Mosquito. Thanks to this, the pencil dresses are unique and unavailable in other shops. All the garments in our offer are sewn in Poland.

Who does the pencil dress suit?

What is the secret to the popularity of the pencil dress? It's the tight-fitting fabric, which emphasises your figure and your assets in a fantastic way. However, while accentuating the good things, it can also accentuate problem areas and body flaws that you would like to hide. Like the other cuts, this one is reserved for only a few body types. One of them is the hourglass, i.e. ladies with a fuller bust and hips and with a visible waistline - pencil dresses emphasise them beautifully. They can also be successfully chosen by owners of a column silhouette, but in this case, instead of classic creations, it is much better to choose those with a basque or other decorative elements in the hip area. This will optically slim your figure and balance your proportions. If you are a pear-shaped figure, i.e. with wide hips and slightly narrower shoulders, our fashionable pencil dresses should also be found in your wardrobe. Pair your ordered creation with matching accessories and enjoy feminine styling during any occasion.

Pencil dresses, sexy and elegant

If you're looking for an outfit that accentuates your figure in a sexy way while still being elegant and stylish, then be sure to consider the original cut of the pencil dress. It's a cut that celebrities love, and celebrities wear on the red carpet and look stunning in it. In the Mosquito shop we offer you clothes designed exclusively for us, including pencil dresses, skirts and other clothes are sewn in Poland, so we can guarantee the highest quality of materials and finishing.

Alicja Komar, a designer working for us, closely follows current trends on the world fashion market and creates unique creations in line with the latest fashion especially for us. Pencil dresses are just one example of the original outfits you can buy in our shop without leaving your home! Our dresses have been worn by celebrities; check out what has wowed them and see our entire range.

Pencil - what cut is it?

A pencil dress is a very simple cut that tapers to the bottom of the thighs, while the top can take a variety of forms. We have both long-sleeved, strapless and short-sleeved models. Similarly, when it comes to the neckline, there is a lot of freedom here, depending on your preference, you can opt for a round, boat or V-neck. As you can see, there are really a lot of interesting possibilities under the heading of pencil dresses.

Sometimes this model of dress is called a case dress because it adapts perfectly to the shape of the owner's figure. Depending on the material from which it is sewn, it can cling to the figure like a second skin, or wrap around it softly with perfectly shaped fabric. As such, pencil dresses are often said to be for very slim and shapely women. However, all you need to look good in it is a proportionate build, preferably an hourglass shape. An alluring bust and feminine hips will look really interesting in this cut. Just make sure you choose the right size.

The perfect dress for many occasions

Whether you're going to work, out with friends or to the theatre, if you need the right dress for all these occasions, a pencil dress is the best way to enhance your figure, while being stylish and modest enough to fit in with your company's dress code. 3/4 length models work best, so you'll look professional and elegant.

When styling for work, pair it with a colour-matched blazer or jacket. Business-casual pencil dresses are usually single colour. For a less formal look, opt for a dress with a bold print or intriguing lace appliqués. The see-through lace combined with the figure-hugging cut is a combination that will leave no man indifferent. Just wear it with high-heeled shoes and you will feel fantastic.

Trendy pencil dresses for weddings designed for confident women!

Mosquito's designs are inspired by the latest trends, designed for confident women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and want to look perfect in every situation. Just like the pencil dresses for weddings presented in the offer, which, apart from the aesthetics of workmanship, are distinguished by the selection of carefully selected materials, which not only perfectly fit the figure, but are also air-permeable, making them suitable for all seasons. Be sure to also check out the other dresses for the wedding available at Mosquito - the range includes backless dresses, models with necklines or frills, sexy Spanish dresses and dresses in the trendy boho style.

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Thousands of women like you buy our products.

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