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Women's tracksuits don't necessarily have to be associated with the gym or sports field. Global designers and well-known fashion houses have been turning to tracksuits more and more for the past few seasons, creating bold collections - today you can wear a tracksuit not only when walking or training, but also when meeting friends, on a date, and even at work and university. It all depends on the cut and the material it is made from.
Women's tracksuits don't necessarily have to be associated with the gym or sports...
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Women's tracksuits are back in favour! Discover unique models from the Mosquito collection!

The Mosquito collection of women's tracksuits consists of two elements - a sweatshirt and long trousers, which are available in many different cuts and colours. Each of them will be perfect as a base for a casual outfit - Mosquito women's sweatpants can be worn with classic trainers, your favourite trainers or even trendy "worker boots". If you choose a plain-coloured model, you can also go wild with accessories - original jewellery, trendy bag or backpack and stylish headgear.

This season, opt for a trendy tracksuit in your favourite colour!

Women's tracksuits are a versatile wardrobe item which has been very popular for several seasons. No wonder! Not only is it great for everyday wear, providing comfort and convenience for everyday activities, but it is also perfect for women of different ages and body types. For those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and boldly follow the latest trends, we have enriched Mosquito's online shop's offer with a variety of stylish women's tracksuits you can wear at any time of the year, including These include: fashionable sports tracksuits with contrasting stripes that optically slim the figure and improve its proportions, velour tracksuits with comfortable ribbing on the sleeves and legs, which were a hit last season, and tracksuit sets with original prints, such as playful monkeys, palm leaves or floral motifs.

Also interesting are two-piece sets consisting of a short, sporty jumper and matching high-waisted leggings - models in muted beige and grey tones are made of lightweight and pleasant-to-touch knitwear, which is perfectly breathable and ensures maximum comfort during everyday wear. The women's pullover tracksuit is the perfect option for a trip out of town or a spontaneous 'pyjama party' with friends. See for yourself!

Polish quality, carefully crafted details and high-quality materials - Mosquito's women's tracksuits

Women's tracksuits by Mosquito, just like the rest of the products on offer, are top quality garments designed by Alicja Komar and made entirely in Poland. Each of the presented models has been sewn from durable, high-quality materials, which perfectly fit the figure, ensuring unrestricted freedom of movement, perfectly breathable and comfortable when worn. Also important are the carefully crafted details, which not only add to the unique character of the presented products, but also make them look great in any situation.

Unique and fashionable women's tracksuits, intricate finishing, attention to detail and high-quality fabrics are not everything - the strength of the Mosquito label's designs is their versatile character, which makes them a perfect base for many different outfits. All this makes the models available in the shop's collection very popular among women of all ages - more and more screen stars, celebrities and popular fashion bloggers and influencers reach for them. Now it's time for you! Take a look at our blog too and find out how to choose your favourite tracksuit!

Women's two-piece tracksuits in soft knit fabric

Mosquito's extensive collection is not only a wide selection of cuts and colours. Our beautiful women's tracksuits also differ in materials. We use a variety of knitted fabrics in production, and each of them is completely safe for health. The materials are tested for harmful substances and toxic dyes, and the full quality is confirmed by the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certificate. Most models are optimally warm and will perform well on most days of the year. These are primarily two-piece women's tracksuits made from a soft knit fabric with a medium weight of 290 g/m2, which contains 90% cotton fibres and 10% polyester fibres. There are two variants of this fabric: a loop version and a draped version. The knitted fabric with an inner loop texture is thin and airy in feel, so it is ideal for the warmer days of spring and summer. In contrast, our scratch knit sweatpants for women have a fleshy lining of scratched fibres. The fleece makes the tracksuit retain a little more warmth and feel even nicer. In addition to both forms of this material, some women's tracksuits are made from a knitted fabric consisting of cotton alone and a small addition of elastane. These are sweatshirts and trousers with very stretchy fibres, ideal for spring and summer. In the winter collections, you can count on tracksuit sets made of non-standard and slightly warmer materials: stylish imitation suede and eco-leather, or sweater and fur knits.

For walking as well as relaxing at home - women's tracksuits for everyday wear

Ladies' tracksuits used to be associated exclusively with physical activity. They have a very sporty style, what is more, they are very comfortable and you can feel completely at ease in them. In the first decade of this century, unbuttoned women's tracksuits in pastel colours, especially those made of velour, with hip trousers, broke through into casual fashion. However, this trend soon passed, although it is sure to make a comeback soon - as are other hits from that period that are now conquering the catwalks and the street. Currently, women's two-piece tracksuits are enjoying increased interest, certainly because we offer them in timeless styles - both loose and fitted, but with a high waist that looks great on every body type. It's a good idea to choose a comfortable tracksuit in an interesting colour that best suits your skin tone or hair colour. In addition, bright shades add positive energy and tracksuit styles allow you to incorporate them into your grey everyday life! The sporty look consisting of a sweatshirt and trousers is no longer only suitable for the court or the jogging track. Dressed this way for a city outing, shopping or a meeting with a friend, you will ensure a great, modern and laid-back style. Classic sweatpants with kangaroo or unbuttoned women's tracksuit bottoms are also worth having in your wardrobe for holiday trips and travel, as well as active outings at the weekends.

Women's tracksuit bottoms - the sports style set

In the Mosquito shop, we have also prepared ideal offers of women's sets for sports style lovers. So if you're looking for everyday comfort and comfortable clothes, be sure to browse this category. You will find many interesting women's outfits in which you can go shopping, out on the town or to the gym. Your workout is sure to become even more enjoyable and you will be able to feel fashionable and stylish even while exercising.

Women's sports-style tracksuit sets usually consist of a comfortable sweatshirt and sweatpants. Combined with trainers or trainers, they form a cohesive set that is sure to give you a confidence boost. Among the materials, terry cloth, velour and high-quality cotton are the most popular. The ensembles are available in a wide range of colours to choose from, so that every customer is sure to find the perfect choice for herself.

Women's tracksuit set - choose the perfect model on sale

A great advantage of the presented sets is that they can also be worn separately. So, for example, you can use the top in combination with any jeans or sweatpants from the set with any shirt. This will make your wardrobe even more interesting and at the same time you will be able to play with fashion, creating all kinds of styles. Also, many women stand in front of the mirror every morning and don't know what to wear. Often we have trouble finding matching clothes, so women's ensembles are the perfect solution. They are perfectly put together, so you don't have to rummage through your wardrobe looking for matching pieces.

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