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A must-have addition to a woman's wardrobe? Mosquito's trendy midi dresses, which you order in our online shop with delivery straight to your address!
A must-have addition to a woman's wardrobe? Mosquito's trendy midi dresses, which...
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Thousands of women like you buy our products.

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The designs signed with our brand logo are a unique blend of current trends, timeless class and a pinch of our style, which has already been loved by thousands of women from all over Poland. Among them, there are also celebrities who willingly choose the available dresses for official events and everyday outings. What distinguishes us from our competitive counterparts is our uniqueness - we cooperate with designer Alicja Komar, who is behind the unique cuts unavailable in any other shop. What's more, the entire production process takes place in Poland - trusted sewing rooms, reliable suppliers and valued manufacturers make the midi dresses available in the prepared collection surprising with their high quality, precision and durability. The whole is complemented by soft, pleasant to the touch fabrics that fit beautifully on the body. We invite you to discover the details!

Midi dresses for many occasions: when to wear them?

Midi dresses are extremely practical. Mainly because they can actually be worn in many different circumstances. This cut will even work for everyday wear. A midi dress can be worn successfully, for example on a date or to the office. Its character is very casual, but at the same time this type of creation always looks classic. Ladies who are afraid of this length can naturally combine such dresses with high-heeled boots, which slenderise the entire silhouette. Midi dresses also work well at all kinds of parties or weddings. In this length you always look on point. If you choose a model in a trendy colour scheme, you will certainly be able to wear it again and again for a long time. Thus, there should be at least one midi length dress in every wardrobe.

Stylish midi dresses for every occasion

The midi dress has become a permanent fixture in practically every woman's wardrobe for good reason - the optimum knee-length makes it one of the best choices for a variety of occasions. It's safe to say that the creation is a hit every time, so you can avoid a fashion slip. Casual looks with midi dresses go well with sporty-elegant outfits and are suitable for university, shopping or going out with friends. Our designs are also the perfect outfit for work, fitting perfectly into the office dress code. Combined with a jacket and elegant shoes, they will create an outfit in which you can negotiate with partners, receive clients and give presentations in front of the company's board of directors. What's more, Mosquito's stylish midi dresses look beautiful when styled for special occasions - weddings, formal galas or evening outings.

Who fits the midi dresses available at Mosquito?

What is the secret to a perfect style emphasising your figure? Choosing the right cut, of course! This is the way to conceal any flaws and accentuate rounded hips or waistline. Our fashionable midi dresses look great on women with an hourglass figure, which has been recognised as having perfect proportions. However, the possibilities of our creations do not end there! Available designs can be successfully chosen by women with an apple and vase figure - both in the first and second case, her proportions will be optically balanced. The midi dress is also a great choice for pears who would like to hide their wider hips and thighs. Are you the owner of a brick figure? Our designs are the best way to add a feminine, more accentuated shape!

Midi dresses for every woman

Few cuts are as versatile as midi dresses. They fit practically every occasion and are worn very happily by ladies of all ages. They work equally well as part of a corporate dress code, as school or university outfit, or as part of an outfit for a get-together with friends. If your wardrobe is still missing this length, it's high time to fill the gap. In the Mosquito shop you will find stylish ¾ dresses for every occasion.

The optimal length, i.e. the lower limit of the dress reaching to mid-calf, makes it a cut suitable for both young girls and mature ladies. Midi dresses can vary in cut, so you can easily match them to your style, size or age. Our designer Alicja Komar has created many dresses that have wowed stars and celebrities. You'll see her creations on red carpets and at formal events, check out our shop and feel like a star.

Dresses with a unique length

You may have heard that midi dresses don't do your figure any favours? It's a common opinion that's quite hurtful to this interesting cut. After all, all you need to do is match the right cut and choose heeled shoes and the midi length will look great. It's the perfect length for ladies with a slightly more rounded shape. Midi dresses with a flared skirt ending below the knee, especially those with a trapeze shape, can discreetly cover up thighs or excessively wide hips. The cut will also emphasise the bust and waist.

A midi dress is a great choice for women of all ages. It also suits mature women who do not feel comfortable in short dresses, but do not feel like wearing only long dresses or trousers. It is a cut that conceals the knees perfectly, which can lose their attractiveness with age. Only ladies with decidedly massive calves should consider whether this is the length for them. Keep heels in mind when choosing this cut.

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Rated 4.8/5 out of 2500+ reviews

Thousands of women like you buy our products.

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