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The perfect date dress is one in which you feel beautiful, confident in your charms and completely comfortable. Above all, dress in your style for this type of occasion, then your good mood and confidence will earn you success and fully emphasise the uniqueness of your creation.
The perfect date dress is one in which you feel beautiful, confident in your...
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Our range is consistently versatile enough to find something for women who like ethereal, delicate dresses in a romantic style, as well as sensual creations that alluringly display the assets of the figure. With all of our products narrowed down to the date category, you can be sure that the dress that catches your eye is suitable for the occasion.

Red date dresses with an elegant twist

Fashion is constantly changing, but there are certain canons within it that are timeless. An evening out with your partner or just a potential other half can become a very important event, long remembered. If souvenir photos remain after the occasion, it is all the more reason to wear something strikingly chic and relatively timeless. Red dresses are a classic of the genre. Intense red is the colour of love, the most eye-catching and associated with feminine sex appeal. Although we tend to go for black dresses, many men (and women too!) think that red is the most attractive colour. A date dress has one main purpose: to ignite your partner's senses and make an electrifying impression. So reach for this tried-and-tested recipe. In our online shop, we offer the perfect red dresses for a date. These are a variety of cuts, primarily mini length, but also midi and flared, long, floor-length dresses.

A date dress with a neckline that fits your figure perfectly

If you proudly want to show off your figure, don't miss out on choosing a fitted cut. For ladies looking for a date dress that conceals flaws, we recommend looking especially at flared cuts with a tapered waist. This could be a dress with boning or elastic bands. It is no coincidence that dresses that emphasise the waistline are in the majority. After all, they build up the proportions of an hourglass. When looking for a date dress, pay attention to the type of neckline. An envelope neckline will be ideal in terms of well-balanced style and elegance. An overlap cut serves every figure, giving you the opportunity to show off beautiful jewellery and flaunt alluring skin and bust. On the occasion of meeting your fiancé, you can go wild with the depth of the neckline and temptingly reveal a little more. Some of the most romantic cuts include boat and heart shaped necklines, as well as carmen type necklines. A date dress may or may not tempt you with a deep neckline. A sensual effect can also be achieved by tying around the neck, which in turn exposes the shoulders.

Fashionable date dresses from a Polish manufacturer

The date dresses we offer are designed by the brand's founder, Alicja Komar. The realisation of her ideas is carried out exclusively by the trusted staff of the sewing room in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Caring for sustainable fashion, we try to limit the number of models sewn according to the needs of our customers. Each dress therefore goes through a careful sewing process; models are not mass-produced. Although the dresses available in our shop are author's designs, their creator constantly watches current trends and fashion oracles - the most renowned design houses and the fashion mainstream. This is why Mosquito offers only fashionable dresses, firmly rooted in the timeless canon, as well as very current ones, alternately appearing and disappearing from the trends in the seasons.

Sensual date dresses in a variety of locations

Our shop stands out for its wide selection of original, unique dresses with extremely rich and picturesque designs. For Valentine's Day as well as other romantic encounters, not only red dresses or those most often chosen, black dresses, will work. You can also successfully choose floral date dresses, dresses with watercolour patterns, animal prints and snake skin. Opt more often for vivid rather than muted and sombre patterns. Depending on the setting and location, you can choose different models. Airy boho style dresses are perfect for summer get-togethers, romantic walks on beaches and resorts. Elegant cocktail dresses, on the other hand, will be an even more versatile choice that you can wear on a cruise, a club date. If you occasionally like to go out in style, choose long evening dresses for a date, such as one with an exquisite dinner at an exclusive restaurant.

Date dresses in beautiful colours and unique designs

Dresses for a date or Valentine's Day in a very sensual style are mainly creations in red and elegant black. However, if you feel great in fresh and girly models, in our shop you will find pastel dresses in shades of pink, mint, blue or lilac. Frills, light shapes and airy materials such as chiffon, poplin, muslin, openwork and lace add a romantic finesse. If you want to create an image of a self-confident, charismatic woman, bet on smooth satin, which is often used to create dresses for dates, weddings and other special occasions. You will find unique patterns of peacock feathers, exotic leaves, animal spots and artistic, multicoloured compositions. Remember that this type of colourful date dress doesn't require many accessories, just a careful setting - make-up and a beautifully styled hairstyle.

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Thousands of women like you buy our products.

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