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Carnival has many facets, some like to go wild during this time, others prefer a quieter atmosphere, but no one can, at least once, not be at a party on this occasion. A fancy dress not only enhances your look, but also your mood, making your celebration unique and unforgettable.
Carnival has many facets, some like to go wild during this time, others prefer a...
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Carnival dresses - bold, opulent, feminine

Carnival is the season when lavish parties are thrown and celebrating until dawn has its justification. It is a time to experience the weekend in a different way and to lose yourself in great fun. The parties until dawn, the toasts and, above all, the time spent with your best friends will make for great memories. It's definitely worth taking care of a beautiful outfit that will make everyone fall in awe. Carnival is a time with its own set of rules, and a fancy dress is a must. This is a time to go wild with colours and cuts that are anything but modest. Carnival is a special, different and joyful time, which needs to be celebrated in the right way - and a phenomenal dress is the perfect complement to any evening.

Carnival dress: what should it be?

Before you start thinking about which dress to choose, remember that Carnival is a time of fun and madness - so go for a bold creation and bold colours, the effect will be stunning. This is a time to have fun and enjoy it while it lasts. It is not often that we have the opportunity to wear a beautiful ball gown with an open back or a phenomenal, glittering dress with cleavage. Every woman dreams of looking like a film for once - and Carnival is the perfect opportunity to do just that. There are as many women in the world as there are tastes, but one thing is certain: the dress for the carnival must be striking and impressive. A lace beauty with a flared bottom or an intriguing, sensual long dress with open shoulders are certainly good choices. A variety of tulle creations will also be perfect for the ball. Whether it's an English princess or a glamorous and mysterious woman, there's one thing for sure: Carnival dresses are anything but boring!

What colours should a carnival dress be in?

The most fashionable carnival colours are certainly gorgeous antique pink, gold, silver, fiery red, but also beautiful deep black or navy blue and green (often with gold or silver threads woven in). Colours matter too and it's worth going wild here, such an occasion may not happen again. Our range is sure to have the dress of every woman's dreams.

Big ball or homecoming - how do you choose the right carnival dress for the type of party?

The carnival season is often associated with big balls, but it is not uncommon for smaller parties to be held as well. While it is certain that the dress for the carnival must be unique, it is also a good idea for it to be comfortable and tailored to the type of party. A carnival dress for prom should stand out; here you can go wild and choose a really daring creation in which to create a furore. Ballroom dresses are mainly long, beautiful, down-to-earth creations - often with a slit at the bottom or an open back. Short, lacy, flared dresses are also a great choice for the grand hall and will catch the eye of all the guests present. There should also be no shortage of pops of colour at such a party, which will only complement the uniqueness of the occasion.

Dresses for smaller parties and homecomings don't have to be boring either; any occasion is a good time to celebrate and look beautiful. But, as with everything, comfort and ease are also important - so for a house party it's worth taking on a slightly different design vibe and choosing, for example, a sexy, fitted mini, which is not only pretty but also proves to be very comfortable. Various types of flared knitted dresses, but also lace dresses, will also work well for this type of party. The fact that the party is taking place at home does not have to mean that your look is boring and poor. Go ahead and wear the most fashionable colours and styles of the season.

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