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Looking for a creation for a special outing? Or maybe you love sporty elegance? Then Mosquito's stylish maxi dresses are a hit! In our online shop you will find creations for every occasion - a wedding, a meeting with friends, a business dinner or even shopping.
Looking for a creation for a special outing? Or maybe you love sporty elegance?...
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With an abundance of colours and patterns, it's easy to find a maxi dress that will perfectly accentuate your beauty and figure, while ensuring you look fashionable every step of the way. The star-studded designs will make you feel feminine, confident and stand out from the crowd. Romantic florals? Crazy abstract motifs? Plain, muted outfits? You will find all this and more in the Mosquito collection. To make it easier for you to buy the perfect dress, we have also prepared a size guide. Enjoy your shopping and if you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help!

Polish maxi dresses - unique designs for all seasons

Maxi dresses are spectacular creations that you can wear all year round, not just in summer. Models available in our shop are fresh designs by Alicja Komar, who constantly creates new trends for each season. You can find models for a given season on a regular basis. Winter collections abound in long-sleeved maxi dresses, made in such a style that you can easily wear them with warmer winter footwear and to match them with thicker outer garments. For the colder periods, we especially suggest long evening dresses in elegantly shiny fabrics. Definitely more light and airy creations appear in spring and summer - then we not only sew elegant maxi dresses for special outings; many models are of universal design or in cocktail style. Wear them to work on warm days, wear them on weekend trips and out of town. We love the classic and timeless floral and leaf motifs, as well as animal prints. A lot of the dresses have very unique and unprecedented prints - this is because we cooperate with domestic material manufacturers and do not sew on a mass scale. You can be sure that you are buying Polish maxi dresses which you will not soon see at someone else's house.

Why is it worth ordering a maxi dress from Mosquito?

In the Mosquito online shop we put quality first. This is why you can be sure that the long maxi dress you order will not only impress you with its fashionable look, but also with its precision workmanship. Each and every seam is made with the utmost care, and we have used carefully selected soft materials for the production of the offered creations - you will find cotton, lycra or polyester among them. It is also important to note that as a Polish brand, we sew our maxi dresses and other garments in Poland, constantly controlling every stage of production of our women's clothing. We want the ordered product to fully meet the expectations of every, even the most demanding woman, which is why we also care about the uniqueness of the designs. To this end, we have started cooperation with designer Alicja Komar, who is responsible for the style and uniqueness of Mosquito maxi dresses.

Who fits and how to wear maxi dresses?

The ankle-length maxi dresses have taken over the catwalks of the biggest designers in recent years, which is why they are also available in our online shop. Who can wear long styles? We have good news - Mosquito's creations are perfect for every woman, regardless of her height or figure type. The secret of the fit lies in choosing the right cut. Long, flared dresses beautifully emphasise the waist, at the same time hiding massive hips, while their tight counterparts perfectly accentuate the silhouette. So what should you pair your floor-length dresses with? It all depends on the occasion! Elegant and feminine maxi dresses go well with heeled pumps and a clutch bag, while airy, trendy maxi dresses go well with your favourite trainers and backpack. Don't be afraid to experiment - your styling should emphasise your individual style!

Extremely feminine long dresses

Long, floor-length dresses are very popular with women of all ages. It is the length that, combined with the right cut, makes you look truly beautiful no matter what size you wear. The long dress is a versatile outfit, suitable for all seasons and virtually any occasion. Just choose the right colour and cut, and you have a ready-made base for a big night out or a romantic date.

At Mosquito, we strive to meet our customers' expectations, so you will find a large selection of long dresses in many cuts and colours. For example, we have beautiful satin long dresses embellished with guipure, perfect for a big gala. For everyday wear, walking the dog or meeting friends, we offer long dresses in playful checks or colourful floral prints. Take a look at our entire range and you'll be sure to find your dream dress in just the right length.

Maxi dresses for summer - what occasions do we wear them for?

Long dresses appear in our collections mainly during the summer season. This sunny season is conducive to many occasions and formal parties, for which women usually look to us for unique creations. The maxi dresses, although they cover the entire figure, inflict great chic and panache with their refined form. However, Alicja Komar, who heads each design, tries to smuggle reveals, asymmetries and numerous solutions into their cuts so that you can emphasise your assets and not get lost under the grandiose maxi form. The exquisite creations in our offer include long dresses for summer in colourful floral, animal and leaf prints, less frequently plain - our motto is uniqueness, and thus we offer colourful and unusual designs. Evening maxi dresses are creations for weddings, anniversary parties, lavish work events and private parties. They are also maxi dresses for the summer, perfect for packing away on holiday. No creation will emphasise the uniqueness of the moment more than a long, richly embellished dress with a slit and an airy cut. You'll find models designed for visits to enchanting resorts, romantic walks along the seafront and dinners in exquisite restaurants. If you are looking for an elegant maxi dress, also visit us in winter - then you will surely find beautiful, long dresses for seasonal celebrations: carnival balls, New Year's Eve and proms.

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