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The undoubted advantage of wearing Mosquito trousers is that they are extremely versatile and go well with most items of clothing and accessories. Depending on your tastes and individual needs, you can choose from numerous models in sporty, summer or slightly more elegant styles. If you are a fan of the classic look, the simple fabric drawstring trousers can be used to create a number of completely different looks. Loose-fitting floral print trousers in airy fabrics are perfect for summer days. And for those who like to experiment with fashion, bell-bottomed trousers with a flared leg can be an interesting solution.

Which trousers to choose, depending on your figure?

One of the most important issues to present yourself well in women's trousers is the right choice of cut depending on your silhouette, which will highlight your best assets and hide minor imperfections. For a proportional hourglass figure with a narrow waist, full bust and rounded hips, classic skinny jeans, trendy boyfriend trousers, as well as straight-legged and slightly low-rise models are ideal. On the other hand, low-rise trousers and flared bell-bottoms are not suitable, as they weigh down the body and add a few kilos.

Pear-shaped" women with a small bust, well-defined waist and wide hips and thighs should choose straight women's trousers in dark shades, without applications or rubbing. Such a proposal will certainly optically lengthen and slenderise legs. Trousers with a high waist can be an interesting option to emphasise the waist, as well as straight-legged and slightly flared styles to draw attention away from massive thighs. In this case, it is best to avoid skin-tight drainpipe trousers and hip jeans. Apple-shaped women have slim and shapely legs and should emphasise them. Stylish high-waisted trousers or classic trousers with straight but fitted legs are ideal for this purpose.

What to wear with trousers to look trendy?

An essential part of any successful trouser outfit is a skilfully matched outfit with other items of clothing and accessories. In this case, it is worth paying attention to both the circumstances and the cut of the chosen model. Classic high-waisted trousers go well with short, flowy blouses. If you have excess weight, combine them with high-heeled shoes, which will optically lengthen and slim your silhouette. Patterned trousers for women are eye-catching on their own and do not need any unnecessary accessories. The safest option is to pair them with a plain, solid top in a shade similar to the women's trousers. More daring ladies can experiment with a patterned total look.

Sweatpants have been very popular in recent seasons. The market offers both classic tracksuit bottoms with side stripes and loose cotton sets with ribbed trims. Both go best with simple, tight-fitting T-shirts or T-shirts with prints or inscriptions and, on colder days, with a fitted sweatshirt and leather jacket or jeans. In the summer, opt for a crop top, which is a short blouse that exposes the stomach. The tracksuit is sure to be matched with sports shoes, but if you're feeling a bit more daring you can experiment with stiletto heels.

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