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They have not gone out of fashion for decades, are versatile and extremely feminine, and can optically even out the proportions of the figure in a second. We are talking about fashionable blouson dresses, which you can order in our online shop at a competitive price! Dresses signed with our brand logo are a combination of a stylish look with high quality and precision workmanship appreciated by Polish celebrities. The prepared collection includes models for various occasions - everyday, official meetings, and even for a wedding, so you can easily find a flared dress that will provide you with numerous ensembles and an attractive look during your upcoming outing.
They have not gone out of fashion for decades, are versatile and extremely...
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To make it easier for you to choose the perfect creation, there is also a size guide waiting for you on our website so that the model you order will lie perfectly. Need help with your shopping? Get in touch with us and the Mosquito team will advise you on which flared dress should join your clothing collection. Have a great shopping experience!

Make a fashionable addition to your clothing collection and order a flared dress at Mosquito.

Stylish flared dresses are our speciality. We follow current trends and news from the world of fashion on a daily basis, getting inspired and realising new ideas. As a result, our collection is tailored not only to the needs of true fashionistas, but also lovers of timeless classics. In the prepared assortment you will find a variety of creations, which attract attention with their high quality, precision workmanship and selection of good quality materials. Alicja Komar is behind the designs of the fashionable dresses - a designer who has no secrets about trends. It is thanks to her that the creations available at Mosquito are unique and full of our brand's characteristic style. What's more, all the blouson dresses are made in Poland - cooperation with trusted sewing workshops allows us to guarantee our customers that every detail has been created with the utmost care. Dresses created in this way are a stylish investment that will stay with you for years.

What is the best fit for a flared dress?

The open-front dress is a real fashion hit at the moment. No wonder. After all, it's the right dress for every occasion and makes a style statement. But it's important to know on which body shapes they look best. Unfortunately, the dress can be thicker if cut directly under the bust. That's why it's important to choose waist-cut styles to keep your figure in proportion. The waist cut will suit all body types. A flared skirt with a cut-off waist will optically slim and lighten the silhouette. Cut-away styles are more suited to taller women with a straight, slim body shape. In the case of a pear-shaped figure, all body weaknesses will become even more visible and accentuated.

Advantages of flared dresses available at Mosquito

Flared dresses are one of the most versatile styles in fashion. This means that they are not only perfect for practically any occasion, but also that they can be chosen by almost all women, and regardless of their figure type. It is the cut that best emphasises all the assets of the figure, while masking the flaws. Mosquito dresses beautifully highlight the waistline, hide massive thighs and wider hips, as well as optically slenderise legs and give proportions to the figure. What's more, the on-trend midi, maxi or mini dresses give you plenty of scope for creating a stylish look for every day, for a party, for work, or even for a special night out with your beloved or business partners. They are not to be missed in your wardrobe!

Flared dresses for every occasion

Few dress styles are as beloved by women as the flared dress. They are worn by little girls, teenagers and mature ladies alike. Every woman looks good in this cut, she just needs to put on a dress in the right size with her favourite length. Such a dress looks exceptionally feminine and gives incredible charm to any styling. The flared dress is characterised by its close-fitting, sometimes even tight-fitting top, and wide hem, which flows beautifully when you move. It looks exceptionally elegant when dancing, which is why it is a popular choice as an outfit for a wedding or other dance party. In the Mosquito shop's offer you will find midi flared dresses suitable both for everyday wear and for larger outings of all kinds. Check out the various models, colours and patterns, and see for yourself what our talented designer Alicja Komar has prepared for you.

Flared dresses for weddings - a popular choice

Flared dresses are a popular choice for weddings for ladies of all ages. Their cut is suitable for every invitee, including witnesses. The creations win hearts mainly with their striking bottoms. The flared wedding dress is perfect for dancing, as it waves beautifully to the rhythm of the rotation. Although it looks sensational on almost any silhouette, it is only in movement that its refined cut can be seen. A woman in such an outfit cannot be overlooked! Mosquito's proposals for blouson dresses are right on trend. We offer models in this season's most desirable colours. If you choose one of them, you can be sure that a flared wedding dress will not cause any trouble when choosing accessories. Clutch bags, clutch pouches and small handbags-cum-bags go well with such a versatile cut. Although the creation goes best with high heels, mainly on a stiletto or post, it will still be attractive after hours of wedding dancing in combination with flat, comfortable ballet shoes.

Why buy a dress with a flared bottom?

Even if you already have several or a dozen dresses hanging in your wardrobe for different occasions, it's worth getting at least one flared dress from our collection. It is a versatile outfit in which you will present yourself perfectly on any occasion and your silhouette will look really great. For everyday wear, dresses with a flared skirt can be decorated with a check, plaid or animal print. These are very striking designs that don't really need any additional embellishments. All types of heels are suitable for this type of dress, just pay attention to the length of the dress.

If you decide on a style in which the dress will play the first fiddle, you should definitely check out the Mosquito offer. You will find unique dresses in which you will look stunning. Striking long dresses made from shimmering satin will look great when you want to draw attention to yourself. Add a plunging neckline or open shoulders and you're ready for the big ball or the lavish wedding. It is worth remembering that dresses are also a great idea for holiday attire. Floral and leafy pieces will fit in perfectly with the summer atmosphere, especially if you opt for short-sleeved or strapless ones.

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