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Parties vary, so party dresses have to vary too. When you're not the main character - a bit more modest, and when you're the centre of attention - completely free. The proposals for 2020 will meet all expectations in both cases, as there are really many possibilities. Check out our party dress suggestions we've put together.
Parties vary, so party dresses have to vary too. When you're not the main...
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Dress for a starring role at a party

If you intend to appear as the star at the party, there is absolutely nothing to limit your choice. This year, vivid colours such as red or luscious green will be in fashion, but rather without any additional appliqués. Apparently, most designers have finally decided to appreciate the importance of a perfectly tailored cut and the right material. Some of the most interesting proposals for the party therefore include lace dresses, mesh dresses, as well as more classic dresses, such as those with pleating or contrasting pleats. These optically elongate the legs and add a charm to the dress itself that no appliqué can provide. This arrangement of fabric also rules out the need for additional decoration, such as ribbons or bows, so party dresses can be a little simpler, and then it's not the wardrobe that draws the attention, but you.

The dress in the background

Just because you're not the most important person at the party doesn't mean you can't be the most beautiful. In that case, however, you should rather choose a slightly more modest party dress, i.e. one without additional embellishments, one that is beautiful primarily because it emphasises your feminine figure and exposes your charms. And lest we misunderstand - it's not meant to be vulgar about it, if it's not clubwear, just subtle. Simple cuts, comfortable fabrics and the addition of a little extravagance in embellishments gets the job done without being too controversial.

Dresses for a party need to be tailored to the nature of the gathering. You can decide on the colour of the creation, you can vary the outfit by always wearing the same dress but changing the accessories, or you can have a pair of dresses in your wardrobe for different occasions. This will allow you to always be prepared for any event.

It's not the dress, but you who should be beautiful

The dresses you see in catalogues are made for mannequins. What looks good on the hanger is nowhere near a beautiful female body. So don't be guided by how a garment looks on a mannequin - see how it looks on a model whose shape is feminine, not plastic. At we have many suggestions that will fit you perfectly even if you take a VERY liberal approach to unrealistic beauty standards and your body has no intention of fitting into artificial beauty canons. Remember that a dress is not beautiful in itself. Only you can make it so, so choose a cut and style for the event that you feel good in and that will put a smile on your face. Then even a seemingly ordinary party dress will lie even better - a smile is a woman's most beautiful jewellery, and a dress can at most accentuate your figure. You are beautiful, so don't try to hide it behind dresses designed to mask anything - a wardrobe is meant to highlight beauty, not hide it.

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