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Our floral dresses will delight you with their unique designs. Classically elegant and comfortable, long and mini, richly decorated and modest - each model is unique and unlike any other. Thanks to this, you will find the one and only creation for your important occasions.
Our floral dresses will delight you with their unique designs. Classically elegant...
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Floral dresses bring pleasant associations of a blooming spring and sunny summer, although we can wear them all year round! The designs available in the shop continually link their colours to the current seasons and follow the latest trends. You will find styles for all weathers, occasions and suitable for your figure.

Trendy floral dresses for parties and everyday occasions

Floral patterns, like checks, stripes or peas, are among the ever-fashionable motifs. However, they are very feminine and are therefore the most popular choice among the mentioned elements of the canon. For this reason, you will find the largest number of floral dresses in our range! They suit a variety of occasions: everyday school, university classes and work. Those in evening maxi or sensual mini length are usually more suitable for special occasions, dates and parties. Airy floral dresses in boho style are a must-have for summer trips, romantic walks on the beach, unforgettable photo shoots or dinner at a gourmet restaurant. Floral dresses also work well at a wedding if you are going as a guest or witness. Is there an occasion for which they would be inadvisable? Absolutely not! A floral pattern can be carefree as well as fully elegant - it's the cut and length of the dress that determines whether you feel confident and attractive in the situation.

A unique floral dress for a wedding

Women going to a wedding can be sure that they will find unique creations for themselves at Mosquito in the spring and summer. A floral dress is the right choice for the occasion, especially if you want to stand out among the invited guests. There is another advantage to buying a floral dress: you can vary the floral dress with different accessories, so it won't be a one-off style that languishes in your wardrobe for years to come. If you are looking for a floral dress for a teenage girl's wedding, the best choice will be girly mini creations, flared models full of frills and stitching. You will also find dress designs that add seriousness and elegance, and this is largely due to their length.

Midi and over-the-knee floral dresses will look classic and subtle, but not overly light. If you're helping to find styling for mature ladies, floral dresses for a wedding for your mum, elderly aunt or grandmother will be a great option to start with, focusing specifically on the midi category. A long floral dress for the wedding, on the other hand, will be a great choice for tall ladies or those wishing to cover up figure flaws. Women with petite figures should bear in mind that maxi dresses can be overpowering and it's best to go for straight, envelope-shaped or fitted styles, or balanced out with leg and neckline opening asymmetries.

Floral summer dresses - a triumph of boho style

Especially in spring and summer, floral dresses are a good choice - the floral pattern or the striking large buds go well with light and airy forms. On hot days, boho style rules, and every year we propose models full of phenomenal asymmetries and decorations, made of very comfortable and airy fabrics. Any airy floral dress will look good in an urban setting, provided you choose the right accessories. Accentuate the light style with a straw hat, plain handbags in pastel shades, holiday jewellery of pearls, shells or with ethno motifs. Such styles fit in with the relaxed, everyday look. How do you incorporate boho into an elegant outfit? There are many possibilities. A floral chiffon dress made of semi-sheer fabric is a good option. Models of this type appear in every collection, sometimes also varied with a leaf motif or watercolour paintings.

Local production - only Polish floral dresses

If you care not only about a modern and feminine design, but also about the high quality and trusted origin of the products, you have come to the right place. Our floral dresses, like all the clothes on offer, are made by the experienced staff of our sewing room in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The floral designs undergo a safe dyeing process, and we work with quality-tested and skin-friendly certified fabrics of various types. Do you want to look exceptionally glamorous and elegant? A floral maxi dress made of shiny but comfortably thin satin will give you such a look. We offer many such creations, not only in the summer season, but also in winter, when New Year's Eve parties, carnivals and proms take place in large numbers. However, not every cut from our collection is glittering. Rather, the traditional and versatile boho floral dress is a colourful but matte model - making it versatile. This is the principle followed by designer Alicja Komar, who selects a variety of fabrics: chiffon, muslin, poplin, openwork cotton fibres and high-quality, airy polyester materials. The latter guarantee an aesthetically pleasing and non-creasing texture and are a sensational material for making airy creations.

Various cuts of floral dresses - how to choose the perfect one for your figure?

Each floral midi, mini or maxi dress from our range can make you feel beautiful and attractive, although it is worthwhile not only to be guided by its appearance when choosing it. The final wow effect largely depends on how well it sits on your figure. To avoid disappointment, we rely on tried-and-tested and versatile dresses that cover up any flaws and give the figure a feminine outline. The most popular cut in our shop is the overlap cut; and for good reason! This dress cut emphasises the waist, while the loose hem and the interlaced neckline slenderise and even out the proportions to an hourglass shape. Thus, the floral envelope dress is a numerous type among the available models.

If you have a pear or triangle figure, you can visually widen the finer areas by choosing a flared dress. A short dress with floral frills is a girly model that will give you an air of lightness. If you want to hide your fuller curves at the bottom, choose models with ruffles at the shoulders or buffets on the sleeves. Such embellishments on dresses are an effective distraction and optically even out your figure. Who, on the other hand, is the floral Spanish dress suitable for? This model of floral dresses, which also returns every season, is dedicated to every woman who wants to blossom in a truly temperamental, southern style. Spanish, or voluminous ruffles, due to their size and airy, understated form, look brilliant on any figure.

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