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Evening dresses - fashionable, extremely feminine and elegant, you will easily find the dress of your dreams in our brand's offer. At Mosquito, we put high quality and uniqueness of each creation first.
Evening dresses - fashionable, extremely feminine and elegant, you will easily...
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Even women who mainly appreciate sporty elegance in everyday life sometimes need something special for important occasions. It is therefore a good idea to have a unique evening dress in your wardrobe too. In our shop you will find creations designed by the brand's founder Alicja Komar. Buying at Mosquito, you can be sure that your evening dress has been entirely made in Poland. We are confident that we meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Discover models reserved for special occasions and order one of them! Elegant evening dresses are the basis of outfits worn on the occasion of various important occasions. Weddings, balls, theatre premieres are just a few of the occasions for which it is worth wearing a unique dress in which you will look stunning. At Mosquito, you can find unique creations to suit each occasion. If you're planning a formal occasion, opt for a classic cut - long evening dresses in muted colours will fit in perfectly with the solemn atmosphere.

Long evening dresses for 2024

The onset of autumn for many means no more light and airy dresses. Fortunately, the arrival of the cold doesn't mean being forced to wear shapeless chunky jumpers. Warm clothing does not exclude elegance; in fact, it opens up a new dimension of evening dresses. In the autumn season, you can enthusiastically reach for dresses made of velour, which look very chic while maintaining the right body temperature. As usual, classic colours such as red, navy blue or bottle green are in fashion, but it is also worth reaching for a dress in warm brown or purple. For those who love evening maxi dresses, the autumn and winter seasons are particularly suitable - both heavy ball gowns straight from the red carpet and more airy, long evening dresses slenderise the figure beautifully. It is also worth paying attention to asymmetrical dresses, which break the monotony of one colour with their cut, and perfectly divert attention from possible body flaws.

In the autumn season, heart and mock necklines are recommended, and those with long necks should look for plunging necklines or turtlenecks. Short dresses also have something for everyone - elegant lace and interesting cuts are sure to catch the eye. Those who are more daring may reach for a dress in gold or silver, especially made of satin, providing the dress with an elegant shine. Such a creation is sure to get noticed! Remember that a dress for autumn does not have to be a solid colour. Autumn dress patterns are just as beautiful as summer patterns, so venture into a patterned dress.

Explore our maxi evening dresses: they're the ones to steal the show!

Enjoy a fascinating journey through the land of elegance and sophisticated glamour, where our maxi evening dresses will create an unforgettable show! These intricately designed creations by Alicja Komar are the quintessence of luxury, where every detail reflects uniqueness and finesse. Among the maxi evening dresses, you will find a wealth of styles and colours that will enchant the whole company in one hit. Let this collection surprise you with a variety of forms, from slender lines to majestic blouses. Evening maxi dresses are here to redefine elegance. Their perfect fit accentuates figures while creating an aura of mystery. Discover how maxi evening dresses turn a standard party into a special event, where they steal all the attention, winning the appreciation of every observer. Be ready to make a big impression when our fashionable maxi evening dresses transport you to a world of unforgettable moments full of glamour and elegance! A long evening dress is the best way to emphasise the high profile of an event, ball or wedding, so opt for this unique length to step onto the dance floor like a true star.

Turn it up a notch in a mini evening dress

If you like to expose your figure and especially emphasise your legs, check out our trendy evening mini dresses. The variety of cuts, colours and sophisticated details will make them the focal point of any party. From stylish, fitted cuts to looser, airy models, our collection of evening mini dresses offers varied options to suit different tastes. Intense colours, such as juicy red or deep cobalt, add energy to any look. Responding to the needs of lovers of classics, we offer plenty of short evening dresses in black. Whether it's an elegant cocktail party, a glitzy New Year's Eve ball or a dynamic house party with friends, a short evening dress is the perfect choice. You will exude confidence in such a creation. Let our mini evening dresses define your unique style at every party!

Fashionable and feminine evening dresses, made in Poland

An evening dress should combine elegance with class and a touch of your style - only then will it emphasise your natural beauty and make you feel special and attractive. Such are the creations available in our brand's offer, which surprise with their unusual design, precise sewing and excellent materials. We want you to be able to enjoy every moment of that night, without having to worry about misplaced fabric or sagging shoulder straps. Want to know how Mosquito evening dresses look in person? Just follow the stylings of Polish celebrities, who like to wear our designs during various occasions.

How to fit an evening dress to your figure?

Which evening dress from the Mosquito collection will be perfect for your figure? We have prepared a few tips for you, so you can easily match the cut of the dress to your figure, emphasising all its assets, while concealing its weaknesses. The secret is to identify your body type. One of them is the hourglass, i.e. ladies with ideal proportions on the shoulder-hip line and a sensual, well-defined waistline. No wonder it has been recognised as the ideal figure. How do you style it? Opt for a fitted top and a slightly looser hem, such as in our flared models. A V neckline is a great addition to an evening dress. On the other hand, ladies with a pear shape, i.e. full, rounded hips and narrow shoulders, should choose evening dresses that optically widen them a little. This season's top picks are the popular Spanish dresses with frills at the neckline. The two-tone version with buffed sleeves - with a light top and darker bottom - is also ideal. If you are a woman with an H-shaped figure, i.e. a lack of a waistline and slim legs, a pencil dress with a belt or binding can be an excellent choice to even out your proportions in a second. Rounded necklines also work great.

Mosquito evening dresses to make you feel like a real princess

Prom, cousin's wedding, carnival ball... - there are many occasions that call for an elegant outfit! With important occasions in mind, a collection of Mosquito evening dresses was created, inspired by the latest trends taken straight from the world's catwalks. The evening dresses have been designed by Alicja Komar and sewn entirely in Poland from high-quality fabrics, which not only look beautiful on a woman's figure, but also ensure maximum comfort during use.

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