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For women looking for versatile outerwear that will suit almost any occasion, Mosquito's women's coats are perfect. Designed with inspiration from current fashion trends, they guarantee a stylish look. Depending on the season, there is a variety of models to choose from in terms of cut, material, thickness or details. The women's coat can be a great addition to both an everyday look for work or a meeting with friends and an elegant outfit for special occasions.
For women looking for versatile outerwear that will suit almost any occasion,...
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Women's coats by Mosquito

For women who want to look fashionable and elegant whatever the occasion, women's coats can be an interesting solution. Nowadays, they are considered one of the most timeless elements of ladies' wardrobe, which should be found in every wardrobe. Thanks to the wide availability of various cuts, materials and colours, it is easy to find the perfect model to suit your individual taste. Among them, there are spring coats made of light and airy fabrics, sport coats made of waterproof materials for capricious weather, and winter coats filled with down or lined with a warm fur lining.

The coat, like the jacket, was originally developed for military use. Nowadays, however, it has become a permanent fixture in the world of fashion, perfectly complementing both casual and elegant outfits. Its undoubted advantage is its versatility, as it looks great with almost any type of clothing - blouses, shirts, jumpers, trousers, skirts, dresses or even short shorts. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that your wardrobe includes at least one coat that emphasises the greatest assets of your silhouette, adding attractiveness to your everyday styling.

How to choose the right coat for your figure?

When looking for a suitable coat, it is worth paying attention both to what is currently in fashion and your figure, as only a skilfully selected cut ensures a stylish look full of chic and class. Coats with a tie at the waist and a slightly flared bottom, such as the classic trench, are ideal for women with a proportional hourglass figure. They maintain the proportions of the body and emphasise the greatest assets of the figure. In the case of broad shoulders and hips, ample bust and slim legs, it is worth focusing on concealing excess weight by choosing coats emphasising the waist with ties above the hips. In addition, by opting for short models you can emphasise shapely legs.

Ladies with a pear-shaped silhouette with narrow shoulders and wide hips should aim to even out the proportions. To this end, it is worth paying attention to the details of the coat, such as the large collar or ¾ length sleeves. Capes can also be an interesting solution, which, due to their loose cut, mask rounder thighs and wide hips. For a rectangular silhouette with a lack of a defined waist, it is best to focus on creating a feminine shape. Belted coats that emphasise the waist can help with this. Pointed necklines can also be an excellent option, as they optically lengthen the silhouette and slenderise the shoulders. Flared sleeves or A-line styles are also suitable.

What to wear to look stylish?

One of the great things about coats is that they look great with a variety of different wardrobe pieces. Although there are no rigid rules for styling with them, it is worth ensuring that the chosen accessories create a harmonious whole. When choosing an elegant coat, it is best to keep accessories in moderation, as it is the main part of the styling. Almost any type of footwear will go with it - from classic stilettos or high-heeled pumps, through moccasins, to leather boots and suede boots. For more casual combinations, trainers or sports shoes can also be chosen.

In addition to choosing the right shoes, it is also worth paying special attention to the handbag, taking into account both the material and colours, as well as the minimalist design. One of the safest solutions is to choose a model in a shade similar to your shoes. There are no specific size guidelines - this is an individual issue that should be tailored to your own needs. A small, shapely postbag or a classic Chanel-style quilted handbag will go best with a trench coat. For chunky autumn-winter coats, on the other hand, an oversize bag or a trunk could be an interesting option.

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