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Formal dresses are the perfect choice for special occasions! Have a special occasion coming up where you want to look elegant and feminine? Or maybe you are about to have a meeting with an important client on whom the future of your company depends? There are no better occasions to wear a stylish formal dress! Mosquito creations are carefully designed and sewn models in which you will look attractive, professional and tasteful. Our formal dresses are created to provide you not only with a fashionable look, but also with comfort, the available designs are created from soft and tactile materials that wear well.
Formal dresses are the perfect choice for special occasions! Have a special...
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We have also made sure that you can buy dresses in standard sizes - you will find a guide to these on the subpages dedicated to specific products. Move with us to the world of elegance and discover creations that we have designed especially for special occasions. Do you have any questions or need help with your shopping? Get in touch with us - the Mosquito team will be happy to suggest which formal dress will be perfect for you.

Fashionable formal dresses to suit your figure

What are formal dresses really? These particular models are more elegant than everyday dresses, but less formal than evening dresses. This means you can wear them at any time of the day or night during business meetings, performances at the theatre or dinners at restaurants. In our collection for this season, you will find creations designed especially for women with different types of figures - perfectly tailored and sewn designs help to emphasise your figure's assets, while subtly concealing any flaws. The available formal dresses have been designed by Alicja Komar, who works exclusively with our brand, taking care of the uniqueness and fashionable look of each design on offer. What's more, at Mosquito we sew the creations in Poland and source the materials from trusted suppliers. In this way, we can guarantee you the high quality of each fashionable formal dress, its durability and comfort of wear. Models with the Mosquito logo have already been loved by the biggest stars in Poland - it's time for them to be in your wardrobe too!

For which occasion should you choose Mosquito formal dresses?

A formal dress is one of the most common choices for a wedding. A celebration with family and friends is the perfect opportunity to wear a beautiful, feminine creation whose elegance and class will emphasise your beauty. But the possibilities do not end there! The models available will also work well with styles reserved for official company meetings, such as dinners with clients or presentations in front of the board of directors, during which a professional appearance is essential. Depending on your office dress code, you can also choose stylish Mosquito formal dresses for days spent at work. If you are planning to go to the theatre or visit an exclusive restaurant - these creations are also the best choice. Combined with high-heeled shoes, subtle jewellery and an elegant outer garment, you will create a styling full of class.

Elegant formal dresses

There are times in every woman's life when she wants to look particularly attractive. A wedding, a business meeting, an in-laws' anniversary or maybe a romantic candlelight dinner? These are the moments when you should put on a formal dress instead of jeans. Whenever you want to look really good and an evening dress would be too showy, it's worth reaching for a formal outfit. Such an outfit is a guarantee that you will be dressed elegantly and appropriately for the situation.

In the Mosquito shop you will find a wide range of outfits, among which you will find unique formal dresses suitable for many occasions. Alicja Komar, the brand's creator, pays particular attention to global trends and adapts them to the requirements of our customers. This allows us to offer you unique formal dresses. The dresses are sewn from the highest quality materials with particular attention to detail. All our clothes are made entirely in Poland, so we can guarantee that they are of excellent quality.

Unique formal dresses made in Poland

If you are looking to buy a unique formal dress, be sure to take a look at our offer. Every formal dress available at Mosquito has been exclusively designed for us. Therefore, you don't have to worry that you will meet other women dressed identically to you at the party. In our range, you will find models to suit ladies of all ages and wearing different sizes. Choose the colour and cut that suits you and you are sure to look stunning.

Formal outfits, dresses, skirts or blouses are designed to emphasise the importance of the occasion for which they are worn. It is therefore important to match the right cut to the occasion. The more formal the meeting you are going to, the more built-in the dress should be. A business meeting or a visit to the theatre requires an elegant dress, but without excessive ostentation. Here, formal dresses in subdued colours with not too deep necklines and midi lengths work well.

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Rated 4.8/5 out of 2500+ reviews

Thousands of women like you buy our products.

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