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Mosquito's backless dresses are the perfect solution for ladies who want to reveal a bit of flesh while still looking tasteful and classy. They are a great alternative to deep necklines or mini skirts, which are not always suitable for formal occasions. They are great for a variety of special events such as weddings or communions, formal galas or even a romantic date with your beloved. This dress is distinguished by its exceptionally sensual cut, so it will help you feel feminine and attract the eyes of men.
Mosquito's backless dresses are the perfect solution for ladies who want to reveal...
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Backless dress - for whom and for what occasion?

Contrary to appearances, a backless dress can look beautiful with any figure type. It's all about the right cut, the depth of the neckline, the length and any additional cut-outs. For petite and slim ladies, a simple, long creation with a delicate sweetheart neckline will work well. To emphasise the waist and elongate the legs, go for a model with side cut-outs. Slightly protruding tummy can be perfectly hidden by a loose empire cut or a cut below the bust. On the other hand, ample hips can be covered up a little by choosing an A-line dress for New Year's Eve.

As a symbol of elegance and femininity, the open-back dress is ideal for formal parties and balls and other special occasions. If this is the case, it is worth paying particular attention to the material of construction so that it is suited to the occasion. Backless dresses are also an interesting solution for ladies looking for an interesting proposal for a beach styling. Loose maxi dresses made from airy fabric will look particularly beautiful.

What to wear with a backless dress?

When choosing a backless dress, it is extremely important to choose the right accessories. For elegant occasions, it is best to opt for colour-matched high-heeled shoes to optically lengthen and slenderise the silhouette. If you want to wear a topcoat, it is best to avoid the classic short bolero or evening sleeves, which only cover part of the deep neckline. Instead, wear a wide shawl as well as a jacket or jacket that reaches at least to the waist. For models with a ruffled back, it is advisable to dispense with the extra coverage altogether.

One question often raised with backless dresses is the choice of jewellery. Necklaces or necklaces are rarely worn with backless dresses so as not to distract from the deep neckline. However, choosing a long pendant and wearing it on the back can be an interesting option. It's best to dispense with shoulder-worn handbags altogether and swap them for an elegant clutch bag or decorative purse. A tasteful chignon hairstyle that doesn't cover the back will be a great addition.

A huge choice of cuts, colours and patterns, backless dresses for weddings

Backless dresses are a "river topic". - They can be long or mini, plain or patterned, made of light taffeta or romantic lace. They all have one thing in common - a striking neckline which emphasises the slender neck, exposes the back and optically improves the proportions of the figure. Backless dresses are the perfect choice for weddings - you can wear them both in summer and winter. They look great when surrounded by eye-catching jewellery - when choosing this model it's worth betting on a shiny necklace on the back or original earrings.

At Mosquito you will find bold and elegant backless dresses that are suitable for many different occasions - from girly models with a flared skirt and a wide, decorative bow, through maxi dresses tied up at the neck, to light dresses with a high neck collar. Many of the models on show are also loved by the stars - now you can have them in your wardrobe too!

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