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Dresses with necklines by Mosqutio are very popular with ladies of almost all ages. No wonder! They accentuate a woman's curves and add to her self-confidence, while also helping to distract attention from minor flaws in her figure. They are perfect for a variety of occasions - from beach holidays, evening outings or romantic dinners with your beloved, to special occasions, family celebrations and elegant parties. The dress with cleavage looks exceptionally sensual, which will allow you to stand out and catch the eye of men.
Dresses with necklines by Mosqutio are very popular with ladies of almost all...
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Currently, cleavage dresses are one of the most versatile and timeless choices, which have consistently won the hearts of women all over the world for many years. They are perfect for any lady wishing to expose her beautiful bust. There is a wide range of different models to choose from in more or less elegant guises, making it easy to select the right proposal for the occasion. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a variety of cuts, neckline shapes and lengths to suit your body shape and individual needs.

How do I choose the type of neckline to suit my figure?

One of the most important considerations when choosing a dress with a neckline is to choose the right neckline shape according to your figure. For women with a large bust and broad shoulders wishing to slim the figure a little, V-shaped dresses are perfect. Other triangle necklines can also be an interesting option, especially if you have a short neck - those with an open angle emphasise the shoulders, while narrow necklines add slenderness. Ladies with wide hips and a narrow waist should opt for a Spanish neckline to help model the body.

A great option for women with short necks and excessively broad shoulders is the singlet neckline. However, it is best avoided if you have a large bust, as it does not look very flattering. In this case, it can be replaced with a heart-shaped neckline or a mock neckline if the shoulders are slender. On the other hand, tall and medium-height ladies with a long neck, small bust and petite shoulders will look good in dresses with a boat neckline. For perfectly proportioned busts, it is worth experimenting with American or asymmetric necklines.

What jewellery should I wear with a boat neckline dress?

When choosing the right accessories for a dress with a neckline, it is worth taking into account both the occasion and the cut or type of neckline. For a boat neckline, delicate jewellery with elongated shapes such as long chains and pendants with rectangular pendants or dangling earrings will work well. On the other hand, if you opt for a short necklace that reaches to the neckline, make sure it has an extravagant, elongated form. Dresses with karo neckline look beautiful with all kinds of short necklaces - from chain with small pendants, through fashionable for a few seasons collars, to wide necklaces. Large earrings are a great way to show off a nice neckline.

A dress with a V neckline will look best accompanied by medium-length necklaces that repeat the neckline. Go for minimalist designs as the neckline itself is the main decoration. More freedom can be afforded in the case of dresses with underskirt necklines, as both long and short pendants in a simple or slightly more fanciful version will suit it. For the Spanish neckline, on the other hand, expressive jewellery will suit. Women with short necklines should go for slightly longer styles that elongate and slenderise the neckline area.

Cheeky or boat neckline? Decide for yourself what suits you better!

A dress with a neckline is the perfect choice for a wedding - a well-chosen model not only adds a more feminine touch to the whole outfit, but also subtly emphasises the figure's assets, diverting attention from minor flaws. In Mosquito shop's offer you will find stylish dresses of various lengths, cuts and colours, including: traditional cut models with a deep round neckline, maxi dresses with an elegant stand-up collar and uncovered shoulders, retro-style models with a subtle 'boat-neck' neckline, long pencil cut dresses with a draped V-shaped neckline, and classic, envelope-shaped models that gently emphasise the shapely bust.

Each of them will delight you not only with the cut, but also with carefully selected materials of wedding dresses, which make the dress fit perfectly to the figure, breath perfectly and look great during the wild party on the dance floor.

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