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Welcome to Mosquito online shop - a place which was created out of passion for fashion. We are constantly following current trends, implementing new ideas and adjusting the offer to the needs of our customers to make sure that every woman is satisfied with purchasing dresses from us. The collection we have prepared for this season includes, among other things, stylish striped dresses that are interesting, lie perfectly on a woman's figure, and can be worn for a variety of occasions.
Welcome to Mosquito online shop - a place which was created out of passion for...
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Mosquito's assortment includes both mini dresses, which emphasise slim legs, and longer models ideal for fans of timeless class and elegance. When you order one of our designs, you can be sure that it will become a permanent fixture in your wardrobe, becoming the basis for dozens of outfits. Check out the trendy striped dresses you'll find in our online shop's range and place your order today, and we'll deliver it as soon as possible.

Why should you order striped dresses from Mosquito?

Wondering why it's in our online shop that you should order a fashionable striped dress? It's very simple - at Mosquito we offer women's clothes for many seasons that will not deteriorate through washing or frequent wear. To do so, we not only sew them in Poland, but also use carefully selected materials that stand out for their durability and fit perfectly on the body. What's more, during production, we take care of every detail, even the smallest, to make sure that the finished striped dress meets the expectations of even the most demanding women. We cannot forget about the designer behind the uniqueness of the available creations - Alicja Komar, thanks to whom each cut is unique and designed especially for our brand. It is the originality of the striped dresses that has made them so popular among Polish celebrities.

Which striped dress should you choose to avoid a fashion slip?

Striped dresses, although fashionable and extremely feminine, can disrupt the proportions of the figure in a moment, optically adding a few kilos or taking away a few centimetres. Fortunately, it is enough to adjust the embellishments to your figure in order to achieve the opposite, expected effect and enjoy an original styling perfect for any occasion. The secret lies in the type of elongated patterns. A vertical striped dress is the best way to slim and elongate your figure - so it's no wonder they're hugely popular with our online shop's customers. Their horizontal counterparts, on the other hand, only work well on slim women who are not afraid of widening their figure. However, this does not mean you have to give them up! Horizontal striped dresses can combine plain material with decorative patterns - then you can wear the creation even if you don't have an hourglass figure.

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