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Mosquito online shop is the place where the season's most fashionable shirt dresses are waiting for you - the popular cut has been loved by women all over the world, so it could not be missing from our online shop as well. Loose, yet charming dresses are for the most demanding customers, who do not compromise on quality.
Mosquito online shop is the place where the season's most fashionable shirt...
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Our signature designs stand out for their precision craftsmanship, stylish design and attractive prices - making them the perfect choice for you and the woman in your life. Giving her one of Mosquito's fashionable shirt dresses is a gift that will make her feel attractive and confident. With dozens of colours and designs, it's easy to choose the model of your dreams. Check out our collection of shirt dresses, which should not be missing from any woman's wardrobe!

How do you recognise a shirt dress?

A shirt dress is not always an elongated version of the classic shirt with collar, cuffs and buttons. There are plenty of cuts of shirt dresses available in mini, midi or maxi versions, with long and short sleeves, so every woman can find the perfect shirt dress for herself in this category. All models of this type of creation must have at least one of the mentioned elements, i.e. a collar, sleeve cuffs or a button fastening. Thus, you will find shirts with an overlap neckline and tied with a bow, dresses with buttons along the entire length of the creation and dresses tied with a textile belt, as well as dresses with straight or strikingly bouffant sleeves. There is also a similar variety in the length of shirt dresses. The ankle-length shirt dress is synonymous with elegance, while the knee-length mini shirt dress is synonymous with sex appeal.

Discover the high quality of Mosquito shirt dresses

At Mosquito, we know full well that the high quality of the shirt dresses on offer is paramount. That's why each of the models available in our online shop is created with attention to the smallest detail, and every seam is made with precision and care. The result? Stylish creations that will meet the expectations of the biggest female fashion lovers! The choice of the right materials is also important - each shirt dress is sewn from fabrics sourced from trusted suppliers, are soft and pleasant to the touch and fit perfectly on the body, so they beautifully highlight all the assets of a woman's figure. What's more, Mosquito shirt dresses are also a guarantee of the uniqueness of the cuts, which Alicja Komar is responsible for. Thanks to an exclusive collaboration, our designer creates cuts in which she combines current trends with a touch of our unique style. The effect of this composition will certainly surprise you positively!

The shirt dress - a must have for every woman

The popularity of our fashionable shirt dresses is no accident. Emysiresses, as they are also known in the style world, impress above all with their original cut, which is reminiscent of a man's shirt. However, forget about hiding your figure shapes - the available models emphasise them beautifully, while providing you with maximum comfort and wearing pleasure. The unquestionable advantage of shirt dresses is their versatility. This means that they are not only perfect for every woman regardless of her figure type, but can also be successfully chosen for a variety of occasions - from everyday outings to business meetings to less formal celebrations. Still don't have a stylish creation in your wardrobe with the characteristic button-up, collar and cuffs? It is high time to change - order your dream shirt dress at Mosquito and surprise everyone with a unique styling!

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