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In our Mosquito online shop you will find many suggestions that are sure to steal your heart. Fitted dresses are one of the most popular choices. Such a cut should be in every woman's wardrobe, regardless of her figure. The right size will make it easy to emphasise your figure's assets, while cleverly concealing any imperfections. In this way you will get rid of complexes in a blink of an eye and feel attractive in every situation. Check out our models today!
In our Mosquito online shop you will find many suggestions that are sure to steal...
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Fitted dresses are also known as bodycon dresses, or tight dresses for body-conscious women. This is justified by the fact that they accentuate all the features of the figure - both the favourable ones and the less attractive ones. But there is a way around everything, so a fitted dress will look great on a slim person as well as on a woman with a curvier figure. You just need to know what to conceal and what to show off.

For whom is a fitted dress suitable?

Slim and proportionate women who are proud of their figure should choose tight-fitting dresses first. If you have an hourglass or column figure, you can choose practically any fitted dress without any worries as it will not affect the attractive line of your body. If you have a figure with a flat stomach and rounded bottom, even a tight knit dress that skims all the way down will look good on you. Importantly, women who are struggling with a protruding tummy or excess weight on their sides do not have to give up on fitted dresses either. However, they should choose styles that cleverly conceal their figure flaws. Dresses with pleats or a drawstring waist will effectively cover body imperfections, while emphasising assets such as sensual hips or a nice bust. So it's not worth giving up on tight-fitting dresses, even if your measurements seem to rule out such a cut from your wardrobe.

What length should you choose for a fitted dress?

Among other things, we can divide tight-fitting dresses according to their length. The mini fitted dresses are perfect for ladies who want to show off their slim, long legs. We won't choose them for work or other official meetings, but they will look great on a date, at a meeting with friends or at a private party. Women who prefer more conservative creations should opt for tight midi dresses, which emphasise the hips and optically elongate the entire silhouette.

When is a tight-fitting strapless dress suitable?

Fitted strapless dresses are a great choice for summer and the warm days of other seasons. However, not every woman will feel comfortable in such an edition. A thin strapless mini dress will be a good option for slim and petite ladies who don't want to lose the assets of their figure under loose, shapeless creations. Such models allow to expose the sensual line of the collarbones, nicely outlined bust and delicate shoulders. A fitted strapless midi dress is also a good choice for business meetings or banquets, if the uncovered shoulders are covered with an elegant coat or jacket. Women with ample bosom or shoulders should not choose sleeveless, tight-fitting dresses for their wardrobe, but on the contrary, opt for a sleeveless, batwing type of dress, which will perfectly camouflage these imperfections.

What to wear with tight-fitting dresses?

Depending on the occasion, or even the length of the fitted dress, wear the right shoes to slim your legs and elongate your silhouette. For work, it's better to go for a medium-height heel - a stiletto or a thicker stiletto. For everyday wear, a tight-fitting dress can be paired with boots, over-the-knee boots or high stiletto heels. It all depends on the season and the occasion. If you opt for a fitted dress and high heels, men will certainly follow you. It's worth thinking about your outerwear too. As a rule of thumb, tailored dresses should be matched with looser garments. Therefore, cardigans, oversized jackets and blazers, as well as coats and trench coats work well. With the right covering, tight dresses can become more chic. What's more, an extra piece of clothing will also make them more comfortable for ladies who are not entirely accepting of their shape.

What colour of fitted dress should you choose?

By far the most versatile is the fitted black dress, which is slimming and always looks elegant. Both slender and curvier ladies should have this model in their wardrobe. Black should only be avoided by those with small breasts. A black tight-fitting dress is good for work and everyday wear. However, it is not worth choosing it for weddings or other joyful occasions. In this case, a tight-fitting dress in red, green, blue or a patterned dress, such as a floral or animal print, will work better. Light-coloured fitted dresses are recommended for summer, as they accentuate both the summer silhouette and the summer tan. In winter, we tend to forgo white or pastel creations in favour of tight dresses in more striking shades. Which colour of fitted dress will suit us depends primarily on our beauty type. So it's worth knowing it and accentuating it with the right tones. Don't forget about the material either - the tightest dresses will be the most comfortable ones made of velvet and other fabrics with elastic fibres.

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