Women's sleeveless jackets, smart waistcoats

Looking for alternative outfit ideas for work, school and everyday activities? Sleeveless jackets for women are the perfect replacement for jackets and jumpers. It's a wardrobe item that never goes out of fashion!
Looking for alternative outfit ideas for work, school and everyday activities?...
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Always fashionable and with a touch of elegance - the women's sleeveless jacket is a garment for many occasions that adds a lot of variety to your everyday outfit. If you often wonder what to wear to feel comfortable but classy all day long, the delicate sleeveless jacket is a great replacement for jumpers, bedspreads and jackets. If you're looking for an alternative to a jacket for warmer days, opt for warm quilted sleeveless jackets.

Sleeveless quilted jackets

For many women, a sleeveless jacket first evokes associations with a lightly downed, quilted sleeveless jacket. Such polyester sleeveless jackets are very popular - they keep you pleasantly warm in the transitional period, protect you from occasional precipitation as they usually have a hood and waterproof material, and are not lacking in practical pockets. They are therefore an excellent substitute for sports jackets and coats. There is no shortage of different types of outer garments in our collection, and the sleeveless jackets from under Alicja Komar's pencil particularly appeal to our female customers. We focus on feminine colours and minimalist accents in the form of a decorative zip or shimmering Mosquito logo. Be sure to check out the range and choose your quilted sleeveless for spring or autumn.

Feminine colours for women's sleeveless jackets

Mosquito is a brand of utilitarian but also fashionable clothing with often very rich colours. In solid-coloured garments, the focus is on feminine, expressive shades, soft and subtle pastels and the classic palette of white, beige and black. Women's sleeveless sportswear is the kind of outerwear that needs to match with a great many things. For this reason, you will mainly find women's sleeveless jackets in muted and very delicate colours: blue, ecru, white, beige, black or delicate lilac. Pay attention to the colours of the detailing and choose the sleeveless gilet that best matches your style, jewellery and accessories.

Jumper waistcoats and women's sleeveless jumper waistcoats

Waistcoats and sleeveless jumper waistcoats are also an alternative to jumpers. Made of fine jumper knitwear, they are often an elegant model, not only for colder days. Of course, they won't replace a blouse alone - but they look best over light-coloured shirts and plain T-shirts. The waistcoats and sleeveless jackets available in the Mosquito range have a heart-shaped neckline, which is ideal for displaying necklaces. The focus is on elegant colours, including black, navy blue, beige and pink - the most popular colours to suit any occasion and trousers. Choose a waistcoat in the shade that best accentuates your beauty and hair colour. If you have light-coloured hair, go for darker women's waistcoats in navy blue or black, and if you have darker hair, accentuate its charm with contrasting light shades.

Timeless sleeveless style

What is the phenomenon of sleeveless jackets? They are timeless garments that are not typically an everyday cut, which is why they always catch the eye. In fact, if we have them in our wardrobe, we only put them on once in a while when we remind ourselves of them. Then it's a good idea to wear them on days when we don't feel like wearing clichés such as a plain T-shirt and jumper. Sleeveless is the idea of a changed version of yourself, any time of year. Wear fur waistcoats or warm, extra-thick knit waistcoats in winter, and light and thin models in other seasons.

Refined designs and good quality materials

Choose a quality women's sleeveless gilet in your favourite colour and enjoy it for years to come. We guarantee you that the available models are designed by Alicja Komar, who is the founder of the brand. The sleeveless jackets are made under her watchful eye exclusively in local sewing plants from high-quality materials. We use polyester in production, which is completely recycled. Are you interested in cotton sleeveless jackets? We create them from certified cotton: OEKO - TEX Standard 100, as well as tested with the Human Friendliness certification.

women's waistcoats and hooded sleeveless jackets

Create interesting combinations in an elegant style or mix cuts to create slightly sporty combinations. Knitted waistcoats do not only go well with fabric trousers. If worn with jeans, they will look playful, as their slightly school uniform style will give you a youthful vigour. If you are looking for a model for rainy days, look for quilted sleeveless jackets in the menu, in the outerwear category. Our online shop will notify you of seasonal news - sign up for our newsletter! Such a membership will not only keep you up to date, but will also provide you with discounts on purchases of our products, including sleeveless outerwear, smart and sporty.

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Rated 4.8/5 out of 2500+ reviews

Thousands of women like you buy our products.

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