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Sensual lingerie makes us feel beautiful every day. For the sake of our skin and for all-day comfort, choose briefs and tops made from cotton. Opt for naturalness and you will discover how little it takes to feel and look attractive.
Sensual lingerie makes us feel beautiful every day. For the sake of our skin and...
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In our collection of women's cotton underwear you will find a variety of styles. Women have different preferences and it's important to choose the kind of underwear for you that makes you feel comfortable and confident. We like to impress, but each of us does it in our own way. Alicja Komar has made sure to cater to different tastes. Check out the wealth of cuts and styles currently on offer.

Cotton women's underwear - perfect for every season and occasion

Cotton underwear for women is healthy and safe for our skin and intimate areas. Synthetic materials, which manufacturers sometimes use to create women's underwear, are impractical because they are unhygienic. Airy, natural cotton is a safe choice, bringing a sense of comfort, freshness and convenience. The Mosquito collection proves that women's cotton underwear can be the quintessence of sensuality and elegance at the same time.

Women's Brazilian cut cotton briefs

Women's panties with a Brazilian cut are a popular and popular choice. Brazilians are sexy underwear that emphasise the buttocks. They differ from traditional bikini briefs in that they have a deeper cut, exposing a large part of the bottom. However, they are not as tightly cut as thongs. Women's cotton Brazilian panties are a great idea for women who are looking for sexy cotton underwear, but do not feel comfortable in a thong. Brazilians look beautiful under clothes and shape the figure much better than regular straight cut women's panties, as they do not flatten the buttocks. To shape and smooth your lower abdomen at the same time, opt for our women's Brazilian panties, which have a slightly higher rise.

Trendy women's panties with a V neckline

If your dream cotton underwear is all about shaping your entire silhouette - not just your buttocks, but also your waist and hips, choose a cut of women's panties with a V-cut front. Thanks to these slight bevels, your waist will optically gain a bigger cut, as the bevels emphasise the natural roundness of your hips. This cut is perfect for women wishing to give their silhouette an hourglass shape. The women's front cut-out cotton bikini bottoms have a higher rise, which will smooth out your figure in the hip circumference and lower abdomen.

Short cotton strapless tops in a natural, minimalist style

Cotton tops are a great alternative to underwired bras. They are comfortable and hold the bust in an aesthetically pleasing way without creating an unnatural, even sometimes deforming squeeze. Together with the women's bottoms, the top creates a beautiful cotton lingerie set that sits beautifully on any silhouette and is an aesthetically pleasing base under clothes. Such a comfortable piece will be your ally at any time of the year, although it will be especially useful in summer, when airy and light clothes are better combined with soft and airy cotton underwear. Choose white underwear for light-coloured clothes, and when you wear particularly see-through clothes and want your underwear to remain very discreet opt for beige and flesh tones. For many women, the sexiest women's underwear is in black - we feel most confident in this versatile colour. Black women's bottoms and black tops are the best choice with dark clothing.

The new fashion hit - the high-cut bodysuit

The forgotten bodysuit is returning to fashion favour. Originating from the gym, this cut is sexy lingerie that successfully replaces blouses and women's tops. At Mosquito, you will find sensual bodysuits that are heavily revealing of the hips, with side cut-outs that almost reach the waist. Sticking out above the trousers, they are the hottest hit of the upcoming seasons. The long sleeves and built-up neckline in our bodysuit cut are balanced by bold cut-outs - thus guaranteeing a spectacular but balanced effect. The bodysuit by Mosquito will delight you with the naturalness and quality of the cotton from which we prepare all our products in the women's underwear category.

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Rated 4.8/5 out of 2500+ reviews

Thousands of women like you buy our products.

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